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An adorable romantic named Jason — played by Peter Vack — deals with love, life and a one-night-stand snafu in I Just Want My Pants Back, MTV's charming new dramedy series based on exec producer David Rosen's novel. We talked to both fellas about taking Jason from the page to the screen.

TV Guide Magazine: Is Jason based on you, David?
Vack: I am playing him verbatim. [Laughs]
Rosen: It's very meta. Some of the wiseass-ness and sincerity of the book's character is built in, but this Jason is not me. Peter has become this character.

TV Guide Magazine: How was it casting someone to play the character you created?
Rosen: I am super-intimidating. [Laughs] Peter came in for one of the first sessions I sat in. We did an exhaustive search for the character.
Vack: I think I came in six or seven times.

TV Guide Magazine: Why should people love this guy?
Vack: There's something about Jason that's very pure. He gets himself into some screwy situations with women and his job, but ultimately, he is a guy who desperately wants to be in love.
Rosen: He's not a player.
Vack: For Jason, it's not about hooking up. Every girl is an opportunity for him to meet that somebody.

TV Guide Magazine: What's the weirdest thing that has ever happened in your love life?
Vack: Oh, my God, they're all so weird. Sex in your twenties can be very humorous. [Laughs]

I Just Want My Pants Back airs Thursdays at 11/10c on MTV. Here's an exclusive clip from tonight's episode:

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