Ghostface Ghostface

When Jamie Kennedy's Randy Meeks spouted off rules of horror films in the 1996 film horror satire Scream, he forgot one: Always try to remake a successful horror film. Even without Randy's advice, the decision-makers at MTV knew that one and have green-lit a remake of Scream for the small screen, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The project comes from horror master Wes Craven and Stalker's Kevin Williamson, who were both involved with the film franchise, and has been in the making in some iteration since the summer of 2012. MTV has ordered 10 episodes, with a fitting and spooky premiere date of October 2015.

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Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, John Karna, and Connor Weil have been attached to star. No other details on the series have been released, but the iconic mask of GhostFace, the killer from the original film, was not asked to be part of the series, according to the holder of the rights of the character. MTV, you'd better fix this right away.

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