<i>The Dudesons in America</i> The Dudesons in America

Culture shock has never been so high-voltage. In MTV's hit stunt series The Dudesons in America (Friday, 11/10/c), four Finnish pranksters have been touring the United States performing death-defying stunts for bewildered locals. Think of it as Jackass with accents.

"We've been filming since the first of January and we haven't been kicked out of the country yet, so I think we're doing pretty good!" says leader Jukka Hilden, who, with lifelong pals Jarppi, HP and Jarno, are infamous in Finland for their antics. "We were just warming up in Europe. Now it's time to see what Uncle Sam has in store for us."

So far, that's included subjecting themselves to painful Native American rituals, competing in a rodeo on stilts and training for their own space walk — by launching Jukka off a fast-moving car. That trick added more injuries to the troupe's war wounds. "Broken back, broken ribs, busted tailbone, busted ankle. We ended up going to hospital five times this season," Jukka says proudly. Jarppi even lost his thumb a while back wrestling a bear in Finland. "That wasn't a stunt, though. It was just a bear attack," Jukka clarifies. Still, the guys are impressed by America's beasts. Scorpions, wolves and bison all find their way into the stunts.

As does an exploding gas pump. "It blew up on my face," recounts Jukka. "The next morning I had a limousine waiting to take me to a burn specialist! I thought, wow, this is the land of dreams!"

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