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MTV has received GLAAD's first "excellent" rating in the organization's annual survey of gay-friendly programming, for its inclusion of LGBT characters or issues.

"From their inception, MTV programs like The Real World and America's Best Dance Crew have offered richly diverse portrayals of gay and transgender people that help Americans better understand and accept our community," said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios.

Glee honored at GLAAD Awards

After reviewing nearly 5,000 hours of primetime programming, GLAAD also announced that The CW has moved into first place among broadcast networks after three years in the second spot. Fox moved into second position with a high percentage of LGBT-inclusive programming, but received an "Adequate" rating because of what GLAAD described as stereotypical and defamatory nature of some of its content. ABC dropped to third place in terms of percentage of hours, but received a "Good" rating for its quantity and what the organization describes as the strong quality of its LGBT images.

NBC came in fourth with a low percentage and "Adequate" rating, while CBS took last place again with a "Failing" rating.

Following MTV in the cable realm was ABC Family, TNT, Showtime, Lifetime and HBO — all with "Good" ratings. USA, A&E and TBS all received "Failing" ratings for what GLAAD describes as their lack of LGBT-inclusive images.

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