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MTV Is Reviving Cult Classic Aeon Flux as a Live-Action Series

Teen Wolf's Jeff Davis will write the script

Keisha Hatchett

MTV is once again reaching into the archives to bring back one serious '90s deep cut: Aeon Flux. Per the Hollywood Reporter, the trippy animated series will be revived as a live-action show with Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis slated to write the script and serve as executive producer.

Created by Korean animator Peter Chung, the story takes place in a dystopian future where most of the world's population has been wiped out by a harsh environment, with the exception of two cities: Monica, a nihilist society where rules don't exist, and Bregna, a repressive authoritarian civilization. The series follows Aeon Flux, a ridiculously acrobatic secret agent from Monica whose mission is to infiltrate Bregna. That's easier said than done since the city of fortified by hi-tech security and is led by her enemy and lover (depends on the day), Trevor Goodchild.

The sci-fi series premiered in 1991 as six animated shorts before returning in 1992 as five short-form episodes. The show was then brought back in 1995 with 10 half-hour episodes. It became a cult classic for its avant-garde storytelling which included graphic violence and sexual fetishization. In 2005, it was adapted into a live-action feature film starring Charlize Theron, which turned out to be a major box office flop. Theron also sustained a serious neck injury during filming which eventually led to surgery.


Aeon Flux is the latest series to be revived in recent years. MTV also brought back TRL, Fear Factor, Jersey Shoreand Yo! MTV Raps. Plus, the network is reportedly working on a reboot of the groundbreaking reality series, The Real World.