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Mr. Robot: Whose Side Is the Dark Army On?

Asking the big questions about the most recent episode of Mr. Robot

Liam Mathews

Wednesday's episode of Mr. Robot included a cryptic scene between Whiterose (BD Wong), the time-obsessed leader of the vigilante hacker group the Dark Army, and nefarious Evil Corp. CEO Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer). In the scene, Whiterose was talking to Price as a man about how the company is handling the aftermath of the hack.

"Why put all your faith in her when we have other options?" Whiterose asks --presumably asking about Angela (Portia Doubleday), whom Price is manipulating into doing...something. Price says that he's opting for the "simpler path," which Whiterose notes is also the longer path, and they don't have a lot of time.

"I want to remind you that closing the plant is not an option," she says.

"I didn't start this game, you did," says Price. "And what are you up to? You're not doing anything on your end to help."

There's some talk about mysterious dealings with the President and the UN, then Whiterose hangs up on Price when her husband (maybe?) walks in.

Michael Cristofer, Mr. Robot USA Network, Michael Parmelee/USA Network

"Looks like he's opting for his Ecoin strategy," she tells him. "He's such a fussy cat. We need to look into our stage two schedule."

He hands her an iPad with a classified document on the the screen -- an FBI report from Agent DiPierro (Grace Gummer) about the discovery of fsociety headquarters.

"Look into it. We need to know what they know," she tells him.

Mr. Robot: Season 2 just fixed its biggest problem

The only thing we know for sure from this scene is that the timeline of the show is currently situated shortly after June 24th, 2015. Everything else about Whiterose and the Dark Army is still a question, and there are many, many questions, which can basically be summarized in one big question: Which side is the Dark Army on? Is Whiterose still working with fsociety, or has she defected to Evil Corp? Is she playing both sides and waiting to see who comes out on top? Is her business with fsociety still a secret from Price, like her true identity?

We discuss this question and many more from the most recent episode of Mr. Robot in the video above.