Per the Hollywood Reporter, Columbia Pictures has acquired the screen rights to The Shadow, to at least be produced, if not directed, by Sam Raimi. The pulp hero, born from a 1931 radio series, last was played on film by Alec Baldwin.... Sandra Bullock is One of the Guys in a comedy about a real "guy's gal" who labors to embrace her feminine side, and apparently never rented Miss Congeniality.... The Longest Yard director Peter Segal will lens a comedy about the very first Olympics, penned by Craig and Jeff Cox (of Will Ferrell's forthcoming Blades of Glory).... Dimension Films has acquired North American rights to Storm Warning, a Deliverance-esque Aussie horror pic about a husband and wife on a fishing trip that goes terribly wrong. Because so many husband-wife fishing trips go wonderfully.

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of movies, check out my fresh Trivial Matt'rs entry to see how I think the new Rocky film serves as a finish to the series.