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After endless rewrites and false starts, Michael Scott's action thriller, Threat Level Midnight, premieres tonight in Scranton to an audience filled with past Dunder Mifflin friends, including Karen (Rashida Jones), Roy (David Denman) and David (Andy Buckley). "We all play characters in his movie," says Melora Hardin, returning as Jan, who stars as femme fatale Jasmine.

The film's plot finds Agent Michael Scarn (Steve Carell) trying to stop archnemesis Goldenface (John Krasinski's Jim) from destroying America. Other key roles are played by Dwight (Rainn Wilson) as Scarn's possibly robotic butler Samuel; Pam (Jenna Fischer) as a hostage; and Darryl (Craig Robinson) as the president.

"Michael has been working on this weekends and nights for the past seven years, and you'll get to see a significant portion of the movie," says supervising producer Justin Spitzer. "This is his passion project and Michael has very high hopes that Hollywood will discover it."

Jones (Parks and Recreation) says she was "shocked" when asked to reprise Karen, who will take part in the film's bachelorette party scene. "I hit on Michael — Scarn, not Scott!" says Jones.

Michael scrounges together props and costumes from a local Halloween shop, but it's definitely Jim who sports the most colorful ensemble. "They painted my face gold and dressed me in a full unitard," says Krasinksi. "I think I still have glitter on my face."

The Office airs Thursday at 9/8c on NBC.

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