Mounted in Alaska Mounted in Alaska

Hungry for yet another reality show set in the 49th State? We're stuffed — but then again, so are the animals in History's Mounted in Alaska, and that's the draw.

The show, which launches Thursday night at 10/9c on History, revolves around Alaskan taxidermist Russell Knight. The owner of Knight's Taxidermy, Knight and his team are asked to preserve wildlife remains by any means necessary.

That includes some bizarre requests by pretty demanding clients. In one episode, a client carts in the remains of a lion that killed several villagers in Africa. He asks Knight to mount the lion — but with the animal's private parts on full display.

In another episode, Knight and company use Theodore Roosevelt's old taxidermy kit to mount two passenger pigeons, which have been preserved since 1875. (The animal went extinct in 1914). Knight's other jobs on the show include preserving a 50-year-old polar bear and mounting a full camel.

Thinkfactory Media is producing Mounted in Alaska. Apparently Alaska is a breeding ground for reality shows. Others set in the state include National Geographic's Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wing Men; Discovery's Flying Wild Alaska and Deadliest Catch; History's Ice Road Truckers; and TLCs Sarah Palin's Alaska, among others.

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