Motorcity Motorcity

Disney XD is getting fast and furious. On Monday night the boy-targeted network launches Motorcity, an adventure series set in a futuristic Detroit that is under the control of a ruthless billionaire who has banned personal freedoms, including automobiles. This doesn't sit well with a group of young rebels who have taken haven in "Motorcity," deep below the refurbished "Detroit Deluxe."

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill goes to the dark side to play the aforementioned billionaire, Abraham Kane. His rule is challenged by the Burners, who get revved up, literally, to fight back with their armada of customized cars. The series mixes computer-generation, Flash and traditional animation. "You could probably see there's a little of Scooby-Doo in this, and little bit of Speed Racer and Star Blazers and probably some other stuff thrown in there too," says creator Chris Prynoski.

Disney XD have provided TV Guide Magazine with an exclusive clip from the premiere episode as well as a behind-the-scenes featurette.

Motorcity premieres Monday at 9/8c on Disney XD.

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