(WARNING: Big spoilers for a whole bunch of shows inside!)

2017 has been a banner year for heartbreaking TV deaths.

From William's (Ron Cephas Jones) bittersweet farewell on This Is Us to Crowley's (Mark Sheppard) act of self-sacrifice on Supernatural to the most recent one, the dragon Viserion on Game of Thrones, who got speared then zombified, there have been a whole bunch of deaths that made as cry ugly tears or shout "Noooooo!" or sit in stunned silence, processing what we'd just seen.

These aren't all the deaths that upset us — honorable mentions include Chuck (Michael McKean) on Better Call Saul, Travis (Cliff Curtis) on Fear the Walking Dead and the Log Lady (Catherine Coulson) on Twin Peaks — but these are the biggest.

Relive them all back-to-back-to-back, if you dare. Unless your heart is made of stone, you will cry.

And it's only August. There's a whole fall season to get through. More devastating deaths are coming. Brace yourself.