Morgan Spurlock, Bart Simpson Morgan Spurlock, Bart Simpson

Fancy yourself the best Simpsons fan ever? Then head on over to the San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday to try out for The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special — In 3-D! On Ice! — which will air in January, but neither in 3-D nor on ice.

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"I hope we find some of the most incredible super-fans that the world has ever seen," filmmaker Morgan Spurlock

, who will direct the anniversary special, said during a Wednesday conference call. "Maybe there's people who want to tell stories about how it changed their life...but we hope we get great people who have great stories to tell."How can an expert on all things Springfield get a leg up during the auditions? Spurlock suggests dressing up like a favorite Simpsons character, or transforming yourself into some sort of "billboard" for the long-running animated series.

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The open casting call will take place Saturday, July 25, at the Marriot Hotel & Marina in San Diego, starting in the morning at 10/9 CT and ending that night at 8.

Can't make it to San Diego on such eat-my-shorts notice? Do not have a cow, man. Spurlock reveals how you can submit your audition via email in the video below.