Cybill Shepherd was already a star when she hit TV in the smart and sexy Moonlighting (1985-89). Costarring with the then-unknown

Bruce Willis — those were his pre-Die Hard days — she was one half of a bickering pair of private eyes who clued us in to an appealing mix of postmodern irony and nostalgic screwball comedy. Since Maddie and David's quirky first season hits DVD this week, invited Ms. Shepherd to revisit her fabulous '80s. But not without sneaking in a few current queries about Martha Stewart first! Your NBC Martha Stewart movie was so popular that you're doing a new one for CBS dealing with her time in prison. Why did you want to do it?
Cybill Shepherd:
Well, it's an incredible story. It's almost on a Shakespearian level. I have a great admiration for her; I think there was a vendetta against her because she's a woman.

TVG: Did you ever meet her?
Years ago. I really think she is one of the great women and I have nothing but respect for her. She may loathe me.

TVG: Maybe someday the two of you will sit down and have a chat.
I think it would be grand to be on a talk show with her. I'd just have to wear my bulletproof vest. [Laughs] Maybe we should be on that Claymation show, Celebrity Death Match. "Cybill vs. Martha" — now that would be a good one.

TVG: Now let's go back in time. When did you know you wanted to do Moonlighting?
Fifty pages into it I knew. When I was with Peter Bogdanovich, we saw three films a night. It was like cinema school. I became a tremendous fan of [director] Howard Hawks. When I read Moonlighting, I immediately thought of His Girl Friday or Bringing Up Baby.

TVG: What about the rumors that you and Bruce Willis fought constantly?
I'm here to set the record straight — it's all true. We would wait each other out in our dressing rooms just to see who would be first to walk on set. Actors do that kind of thing. We were very volatile people, and that was one reason the show was so good. Bruce and I fought before every scene that we had to fight in. We had a real chemistry, and sometimes that comes out of friction.

TVG: What do you think of Willis today?
I think he's more attractive than ever. I love him with the bald head — I'm just crazy for that.

TVG: Do you have any favorite episodes?
There is an episode called "Every Father's Daughter Is a Virgin." I lost my father about four years ago, and while I was doing the commentary for this DVD set, I started sobbing because that episode was just too close to home.

TVG: Anything you didn't like about doing Moonlighting?
I never like being tied up. I'm tied up with Bruce in the pilot episode, but I refused to be really tied up.

TVG: You like doing the tying up?
[Coyly] Yeah, and sometimes I like being tied up... just not in that situation.