Returns: Friday, April 25, at 9 pm/ET (CBS) Number of new episodes: 4

Where we left off: Private eye vampire Mick St. John saw his fanged friend Josef survive an assassination attempt. Mick's ex Coraline, who turned him into a bloodsucker in 1947, gave him a cure that made him temporarily mortal- and ready to cozy up to reporter Beth Turner. But Beth might not succumb: After all, when her boyfriend was gunned down, Mick refused to save him by turning him into one of the living dead. What's next: "We've always suspected that there are doctors, lawyers, housewives and garbagemen who live among us as vampires," executive producer Harry Werksman says. "We are going to explore that universe as Mick enjoys the pleasures of being human." Viewers will also learn more about Mick's past and watch him struggle to win back Beth. "As that happens we're going to introduce a romantic foil who makes her wonder if being with a human isn't the way to go," adds executive producer Gabrielle Stanton. Dead again: Mick won't have a heartbeat much longer. "As his vampirism returns, he'll have a much better understanding of his powers," Werksman says. "Where he once looked at it as a curse, by the end of the season, Mick will realize that being undead is something he can live with." Watch video clips | Photos | More Returning Favorites coverage