Kim Matula. Darin Brooks Kim Matula. Darin Brooks

Sound the trumpets! Hope Logan has finally made up her mind. Daytime's splashiest soap opera, CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful, went on location to Paris and Monte Carlo to shoot the conclusion of a year-long triangle that has the love-torn heroine (played by Kim Matula) deciding which of two Spencer brothers she's going to wed. Will it be flaky sweetheart Liam (Scott Clifton) or feisty opportunist Wyatt (Darin Brooks)? Spoiler alert! Though Hope is seemingly committed to Liam right now, she will end up married to Wyatt by the end of the episode airing Wednesday, Aug. 13.

But is the decision really hers? In a riff on An Affair to Remember (airing Monday, Aug. 11), Hope agrees to marry Liam if he meets her at the Eiffel Tower but he stops along the way to save a damsel in distress and doesn't show up at the appointed hour. Hope waits a bit, but then heads off to Monaco with Wyatt and they say "I do" on a spectacular yacht in the Monte Carlo harbor.

"Somewhere, deep down, Hope must have wanted this to happen so she wouldn't have to make the decision for herself," Matula says. "For years she's been telling herself she belongs with Liam. They share so much history. They make sense together. And she does love him. But it's Wyatt she really wants."

It doesn't hurt that Wyatt is a damn good salesman. "He patiently waits, hoping Liam won't show, and then he pounces," Brooks says. "He's always been there for Hope — a real constant — and he reminds her that Liam has failed her time and time again."

Just one problem. It's Wyatt's conniving mother, Quinn (Rena Sofer), who is responsible for Liam's being late to meet Hope in Paris. "Only the audience knows that," says Matula, "but it could come out, like if Quinn has a couple of cocktails and opens her big mouth." This triangle may not be finished just yet!

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