Monk The season finale already? I wish I got to take as many vacations as the cast of Monk . This was a humdinger of an episode, although very 12 Angry Men

. Or more accurately, "11 Angry and One Insane Men"  although Monk's definitely been getting better. Sharona was a nurse. Natalie's just an assistant, and while he's still desperate for her help (even if she does overwater his azalea plants), Monk's slowly learning how to make it on his own... if only for a few days of deliberation. As Monk pointed out, his fear of jury duty is universal: "It's a great justice system.... I just don't want to be a part of it. Nobody does." Yet being thrown into a "team" environment did wonders for him, and by the end, he was even planning a jury reunion. Initially Monk's fellow jurors despised him for keeping them there by voting not guilty (just like that time Fonzie was the one dissenting voice on a jury on a Happy Days episode). But everyone warmed up to Monk once he solved three crimes simultaneously  hell, even the pierced Goth girl gave him a big hug goodbye. I've really begun to like Natalie this season (and not just because you all sent me such threatening e-mails). Traylor Howard has legitimately grown on me, and she and Tony Shalhoub have (finally) established some chemistry, which was particularly apparent as they yelled back and forth to each other from the street up to the third floor of the courthouse where Monk was trapped. The whole "ID-idea" misunderstanding was priceless: neo-screwball comedy at its best. Sigh. What's going to fill my Monk void (besides endless reruns) until the series returns in July? Time to find a new hobby... or maybe a life.