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Our top moments of the week:

11. Best Kiss: After breaking things off with Matt earlier in the season on Necessary Roughness, Dr. Dani finds comfort in the warm, mysterious arms of Nico after he learns that his best friend and closest confidante, Pittman, really did die in the plane crash. When Nico complains that no one knows him, Dr. Dani leans in and tries to get know him a little bit better ... by making out with him! That's one way to comfort a grieving friend!

10. Biggest Blowup: Caroline and Teresa's friendship goes from bad to worse (read: nonexistent) on The Real Housewives of New Jersey's trip to Napa when Caroline confronts Teresa once and for all about the magazine stories she possibly planted about the other Housewives. The drawn-out, no-holds-barred argument finally ends with Teresa promising not to spread any stories as long as there are no stories spread about her. Teresa tries to tell Caroline she "never ever" planted a bad story about Caroline, but Caroline tells her "it's over." A woman can only take so much!

9. Candid Camera Award: On White Collar, Neal and Peter come up with a smart — but extremely awkward — plan to incriminate a fixer who'll do anything to get the job done. Step No. 1: Make the mark believe one of her best clients, Neal's ex Sara, is in bed with the FBI. Literally. To make the affair seem real, Sara and Peter must pose together in compromising positions and in varying states of undress right in front of Neal and Elizabeth, Peter's wife. The significant others do a good job playing supportive (Elizabeth even slaps Peter's tush to get him in the mood!), but it's still undeniably awkward. Let's just burn those negatives, shall we?

8. Rock the Vote Award: Rep. Paul Ryan really wants people to know that while he and running mate Mitt Romney have the same values, they're also very different people. Especially when it comes to music! During his keynote speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday, Ryan takes a jab at Romney when he talks about the songs Romney suggested for their campaign rallies. "I said, 'I hope it's not a deal-breaker Mitt, but my playlist starts with AC/DC, and ends with Zeppelin,'" Ryan recalls. A simple no would have sufficed!

7. (Not) Lost in Translation: When the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York City take a trip to St. Barths, LuAnn, who left her boyfriend stateside, brings a Frenchman named Tomas back to their place after a night of drunken revelry. The next morning, The Countess tells the other ladies she brought a group of old Italian friends over, but they protest that they heard only one man's voice, and he was speaking French. LuAnn then sneaks away to call a friend, whom she asks to keep mum about Tomas (aka "the one that looks a bit like Johnny Depp") being at the house. LuAnn laughs it off, telling her friend, "I never change." Yes, LuAnn, you'll never change... and neither will Bravo's recorded tapes from that revealing phone conversation. Sacre bleu!

6. The Greatest Fool: Everything comes full circle on the season finale of The Newsroom when the "Sorority Girl" who asked the question that inspired Will's YouTube rant at the beginning of the season applies for an internship at "News Night." Despite Will's personal insults to her and his subsequent bad press (a New York magazine article calls Will a "greater fool," which Sloan argues is simply anyone who believes "he can succeed where others have failed,") the young woman tells Will she's inspired by his show and she wants to be a greater fool, too! Will then asks Jennifer (yes, she has a name!) to ask him again what makes America the greatest country in the world. When she does, he says, "You do. Hire her." It's a stirring moment to be sure, but going to work for the person who publicly humiliated you in front of the whole country seems quite "fool"-ish.

5. Biggest Game-Changer: After Big Brother's Dan is nominated for eviction by his biggest enemy, Frank, Dan stages his "Big Brother funeral" — and then rises from the dead. He plays off the emotions of his housemates and also seemingly cuts all ties with his closest ally, Danielle. With the house stunned, Dan convinces Frank that Britney is the bigger threat and Dan and Frank form a most unlikely alliance. After they recruit Jenn and Danielle to their team (Dan's comments were all a ruse, of course), Jenn takes Dan off the nomination block and Frank puts Britney up in her place. He may not win again, but with an incredible move like that, he's earned his spot among the all-time greats.

4. Most Peaceful Death: Breaking Bad's penultimate episode tightens the noose on Mike, who, goes on the run from the DEA after Hank discovers Mike is paying Gus Fring's former employees to stay quiet. But before Mike can leave town, Walt demands to know the names of Gus' guys. Mike refuses, setting off an epic war of words, during which Mike blames Walt for blowing up (heh) the good thing they all had with Gus. Walt's ego kicks in, and he shoots Mike, who tries to escape but ultimately sits and bleeds out by the river. Realizing he can get the names from Lydia, Walt begins a rambling half-apology before Mike cuts him short with the words, "Shut the f--- up and let me die in peace," —  which Mike does as the two men stare in silence at the trickling water.

3. Weirdest Opening Act: Acclaimed actor and filmmaker (and Chrysler spokesman!) Clint Eastwood appears at the Republican National Convention to offer remarks before Mitt Romney's nomination-acceptance speech. Unfortunately, Eastwood steals a lot of Romney's thunder when he brings out an empty chair — a supposed seat for President Barack Obama — and begins talking to it. "So Mr. President, how do you handle the promises you made while you were running for election?," he asks the empty chair. "What do you mean shut up?" Eastwood finishes his speech with his famous line from Dirty Harry, yelling "Go ahead..." before letting the attendees complete the line with a buoyant "make my day!" Now we know why Eastwood spends most of his time behind the camera these days.

2. Most Shocking Reveal: On the midseason finale of Pretty Little Liars, viewers learn the identity of the black hoodie-wearing member of the "A-Team." In the final seconds of the episode, Mona is seen talking to someone whose face is obscured. But when the conversation ends, "the betrayer" turns around and is revealed to be Toby, Spencer's boyfriend. To make matters much worse, he and Spencer had just consummated their relationship the day before. Let's hope they used protection.  Betrayal might be contagious!

1. Best Bloodbath: The True Blood season finale sees Bill drink the Kool Aid — literally and figuratively. After having visions of Lilith choosing him as the new savior, Bill poisons what appears to be the sacred blood with silver, making it easier to stake Salome after she drinks it all down. Then, despite Eric and Sookie's protests, Bill drinks the real vial of Lilith's blood. He chokes on it violently and collapses into a very familiar-looking pool of blood. It appears that he's gone for good, but then, like Lilith before him, Bill rises, naked and blood-stained, from the pool with a vicious growl. All hail Billith?

What were your top moments this week?