Christina Hendricks, Glenn Beck Christina Hendricks, Glenn Beck

TV had some announcements to make this week. Kathy Griffin had something to say about cancer prevention. Nigel Lythgoe thinks the So You Think dancers should warm up. Someone on The View has a "girl crush." And Glenn Beck used humor to announce a personal health crisis. Welcome to Top Moments: Hear Ye Hear Ye Edition.

11. Sneakiest Surprise: Just when Sookie seems cornered by Russell on this week's True Blood, a blue glow shoots from her hands and propels Russell's henchman Coot across the room. Sookie still doesn't understand this special power she has, which means we're all on the same page.

10. Saddest Mixup: Father Phil (guest star Peter Gallagher) convinces Rescue Me's Tommy that Janet is the key to straightening out his life (and afterlife). So Tommy is intent on making a change, until he finds a cozy Janet with Franco — who just moments before had almost kissed. He instantly assumes the worst, heads out to his truck and, you guessed it, tips a bottle. You can feel Tommy's heart crush as he wads up a picture of Janet and tosses it aside.

9. Best Motivation: Kathy Griffin has a pap smear — at a news conference — on her show this week. The publicity-courting comedienne thinks it's win-win, as it both raises awareness of cancer prevention for women and gets her the news coverage she so fervently courts.

8. Best Fight: On Entourage, when Scotty Lavin tries to get in the middle of Vince and Eric's storied bromance, Drama warns Scotty that Eric can get pretty scrappy. He does, when Scotty tries to pitch Vince a new film. The resulting scuffle not only breaks Vince's overpriced new dinosaur fossil, but also sets up an exciting rivalry for the rest of the season.

7. Best Idea: Billy Bell is the third So You Think You Can Dance finalist in a row to suffer an injury, which prompts executive producer Nigel Lythgoe to announce that they're going to bring in someone to help the contestants warm up. Um, why aren't they doing that already?

6. Creepiest Interviewer: Alexandra Wentworth picks the right day to guest-host on The View. On Thursday, she tells Mad Men's Christina Hendricks that she is her "girl crush." Later, she interrupts a question about the new season to ask, "Are you naked? Do you get naked?"

5. Best Rookie Performance: After the New York Yankees' Brett Gardner was ejected by the umpire for arguing balls and strikes, rookie Colin Curtis takes over his at-bat — and hits a three-run homer, his first in the major leagues. The blast gives the Bronx Bombers their final runs in a 10-6 victory against the Angels.

4. Best Spirit: When popular girls Amber and Chloe back out of talent night on Huge, shy girl Becca takes the stage alone to bump and grind to Sir Mix-a-Lot's ridiculous "Baby Got Back." It's an oddly poignant moment, both sad and empowering.  

3. Best Comeback: Frank tells The Bachelorette's Ali that he's reconnected with his ex and will be taking himself out of the competition. Ali is naturally angry, and complains that she gave up everything to film the reality show. "I gave up everything to be here too," Frank says. "Apparently not everything," she shoots back.

2. Best Tension: This week on Minute to Win It, engaged couple Kim Fox and Aaron Hendrick win $500,000 by completing the ninth level of the show's hellish challenges. In Extreme Nutstacker, Aaron has to transfer 10 nuts from a chopstick and then stack and balance them vertically on a cutting board he's holding with his other hand, in under a minute. "Take time to breathe," Kim reminds him during the challenge — as if he didn't already have enough on his mind.

1. Weirdest Announcement: After revealing that he's been diagnosed with macular dystrophy at a Salt Lake City event over the weekend, Glenn Beck takes time on his show Monday to show footage of that announcement. "At least I'll be able to get away with a blind joke from time to time," he says of the genetic eye disorder that could take his sight within a year.