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Our top moments of the week:

11. Say It, Don't Spray It Award: It's finally time for the big Nutcracker performance at Fanny's dance studio, but since this is the summer finale of Bunheads, things can't go off without a hitch. Michelle tries her best to help the dancers get ready for the next act, but when she means to dose them with some extra hairspray, she accidentally sprays them all — and herself — with mace and finds herself in some major hot water with the dancers' parents. Was a little frizz really worth the trouble?

10. Empty Promises Award: When guests cancel a talk show appearance, most shows scramble to book a new guest. Not Piers Morgan Tonight. After Rep. Todd Akin, who stated that "legitimate rape" doesn't result in pregnancy, bailed on Morgan's CNN show at the last minute, Morgan seizes the opportunity to chastise the Missouri Congressman. "Congressman, you have an open invitation to join me in that chair whenever you feel up to it," Morgan says, as the camera lingers on an empty chair. "Because if you don't keep your promise to appear on the show, then you are what we would call in Britain 'a gutless little twerp.'" Akin was probably better off just doing the interview. Now he has to deal with yet another parody Twitter account.

9. Biggest Blindside: A scandal rocks Paige's father's political campaign on Royal Pains when the media finds pictures of him with a mysterious woman and accuses him of infidelity. Paige's dad, aka the General, confirms Paige's worst fears when he says he was in a hotel room with his assistant. However, he then explains that the woman wasn't a mistress, but really someone who helped Paige's parents set up her adoption. (Sidenote: Paige never knew she was adopted.) On the bright side, at least he wasn't cheating?

8. Most Incriminating Phone Call: When celebrating Caroline Manzo's 50th birthday at a vineyard in Napa on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Giudice steps away from the celebration to take a phone call. He talks to the person about Caroline's birthday and calls his wife, Teresa, a b---- and a c--- as she walks over to him. As soon as Teresa asks who he's talking to, Joe says it's someone from work and starts speaking in a foreign language. Luckily, Teresa knows just how to resolve the situation — by pouncing on her husband in the vineyard, even after he repeatedly rebuffs her advances. Maybe it's time to cut back on the vino, no?

7. Worst Booty Call:
Mike needs a shoulder to cry on, so to speak, after his beloved Grammy dies on Suits. His ex-girlfriend Tess (guest star Elisabeth Hower), who surprises him at the funeral, and Rachel initially reject his advances —  the former because she's married and the latter because he's in a vulnerable state — but Mike won't take no for an answer and calls... Tess! And as it always happens in TV land, Rachel shows up at Mike's apartment to tell him she wants to give it another go, only to have her excitement turn into heartbreak when she sees Tess tiptoeing in the background, naked and wrapped in a sheet. Note to Mike: It's probably better not to go after the woman who is married.

6. Best Backfire: On Bachelor Pad, the show introduces a new elimination twist: Everyone votes one woman off, and that woman then chooses a man to leave with her. Knowing that he has to make another guy the target, last year's winner Michael plots his friend Erica's elimination and makes her think that Chris is behind the plan. At the last minute, Erica wises up and after she gets voted out, she picks Michael to exit with her. Of course, Erica doesn't let Michael off the hook that easy. "The smartest thing Holly did was dumping you and marrying Blake," she tells him.

5. Worst Display of Leadership: Faeries have always been the lamest supers on True Blood. (And that's saying something about a show that also features Sam.) But we were still excited to meet the Faerie Elder, who, her followers explain, may appear strange because she exists outside of time and on many planes and processes so much information and blahblahblah. But once we meet her, strange isn't the word we'd use; we'd use absurd. She looks — and acts — like a backup dancer from a Cleopatra number on The Love Boat. "Ke$ha — for or against?" she asks Sookie, by way of small talk. What's worse: She is totally no match for Russell, who, after being momentarily rebuffed by her faerie blaster, makes quick work of draining and killing her. Elder, but not wiser!

4. Worst Cliff-Hanger: Political Animals' finale makes the bold move of (presumably?) killing off President Garcetti in a plane crash, paving the way for Elaine Barrish to potentially run for the top office against the smarmy VP (and now acting president). With no confirmation that the president has actually died, the episode ends with the fate of the country up in the air — much like the show itself. Please renew it, USA, and extend this limited series event's term limit.

3. Most Revealing Confession: Three-and-a-half years after Chris Brown was arrested for assaulting her, Rihanna tells Oprah Winfrey, in an emotional interview on Oprah's Next Chapter that she still has feelings for him. "We love each other and we probably always will, and that's not anything that we're going to try to change," she says. "I truly love him. The main thing for me is he's at peace. I'm not at peace if he's not happy or he's still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds that peace." What Rihanna doesn't care about: fans' disappointment in her for reconnecting with him. "They're entitled to feel angry because it wasn't a good thing that happened. But I have forgiven him."

2. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Award: Breaking Bad perfects the awkward dinner scene when Walt, to spite Skyler, invites Jesse over. Caught in the middle of Walt's mind-numbing stares and the wine-swilling Skyler's deadly contempt, Jesse tries to break the tension by nervously — and hilariously — complimenting Skyler on her green beans ("Good work on your shopping then, 'cause these are choice"), complaining about the "scabby" cheese on frozen lasagnas (we feel your pain, Jesse!) and asking Skyler about the car wash — all in between uncomfortable swigs of water. As if that isn't awkward enough, Skyler seals the deal when she barks at Walt: "Did you also tell him about my affair?" Who's knocking now, Walt?

1. Worst Betrayal: Things finally seem to be going Michael Westen's way on Burn Notice when he nabs the man that he believed killed his brother Nate. But then the supposed murderer tells Michael that he is actually part of a set-up orchestrated by Michael's longtime mentor and father figure Tom Card (John C. McGinley), to eliminate Michael and his team. Anger, hurt and confusion wipe over Michael's face just as Tom — back in the States — tells Madeline how he thinks of him as a son. He sure has a weird way of showing it!

What were your top moments of the week?