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Top Moments: Mad Men Does It Their Way, and Fallon Oils Up and Nips Out

Our top moments of the week: 16. Worst Wordplay: It's always important to stand out, especially during your initial meeting, but for one Bachelorette contestant, it doesn't go over quite well. Introducing himself to Andi, Emil tries to offer a mnemonic device for ...

Joyce Eng, Kate Stanhope

Our top moments of the week:
16. Worst Wordplay: It's always important to stand out, especially during your initial meeting, but for one Bachelorette contestant, it doesn't go over quite well. Introducing himself to Andi, Emil tries to offer a mnemonic device for pronouncing his name: "It's like 'anal' with an 'M.'" Andi laughs it off, but no surprise, he doesn't get a rose. 
15. Best Shared Victory: Another winner of The Voice is crowned, as family man and soul singer Josh Kaufman fall to his knees after his name is called and then embraced by his wife and children. Watching from his big red chair is Josh's normally cool and collected coach, Usher, who is also overcome with emotion and goes in for a big hug with three-time champ Blake Shelton. Aw, shucks!
14. Worst Finish:
Instead of the traditional cab ride/run to the mat on The Amazing Race All-Stars finale, the Final 3 have to jump out of a helicopter to the finish line at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The suspense of "Who's in the air?" is cool and all — as is seeing Dave and Connor become the first parent/child team to claim the $1 million — but is there any doubt that whoever jumps first will win? More like The Amazing Foregone Conclusion.
13. Best Sequel: Who says we have to let it go? Inescapable Disney hit Frozen keeps a foothold on the cultural zeitgeist on Maya Rudolph's NBC variety show when she brings the movie's star, Kristen Bell, onstage to create a sequel on the fly. Rudolph casts herself as the third sister, Marla, who was off modeling in Paris during the first movie, and belts out that it's "Frozen Again" (to the tune of "Old Time Rock and Roll," no less) despite being stricken with the power to thaw anything and everything. Coming soon to a direct-to-DVD shelf near you!
12. Worst Luck: As expected, Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy win Dancing with the Stars, but her ice dancing partner Charlie White steals the finale show, although probably not the way he wanted to. Redoing his and Sharna Burgess' Mary Poppins-inspired jazz routine — during which he dropped his umbrella on Disney Week — the Olympic champion loses the umbrella again (and reacts appropriately and adorably) after it flies off the handle. Oh, Charlie, Mary Proppins you are not.
11. Best Widower: Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish has already shown himself to be a wily schemer on Game of Thrones, but this week, he proves he's not above committing murder more directly. When his wife Lysa flies into a jealous rage (and rightfully so since she caught him kissing her niece), he reassures her that he's only ever loved one person his whole life. Aw, he means her, right? Nope. "Your sister," he clarifies before shoving her through the Eyrie's Moon Door so she can "fly" to her death hundreds of feet below.
10. Worst Way to Go: Chicago P.D. started its run by killing a member of the team, and the drama ends its first season the same way. After weeks of going behind his boss Voight's back to leak intel to Voight's Internal Affairs handler Stillwell, Jin is finally caught. Although Hank gives him a stern talking-to, he is later seen rushing a flash drive into the mail and telling his dad to leave town right away. The episode ends with Voight arriving at the scene of a homicide — Jin's — hours after he was shot and left for dead. Note to the rest of the P.D. cast: Don't get too comfortable!
9. Best Wedding: What's the most special thing about Mitch and Cam's wedding on Modern Family? How decidedly un-special it is. Rather than milk the union — the first same-sex TV wedding since gay marriage was legalized in California last year — for all it's worth, the show downplays it with a short, simple and sweet ceremony that is affecting in its ordinariness, even while it carries the extraordinary line: "By the power vested in me by the state of California, I am privileged to pronounce you spouses for life."
8. Best Face-Off: What's a cannibalistic serial killer to do when he wants to make "someone his bacon" but needs to keep the person alive for the sake of a friend? Hannibal answers that exact question as Hannibal Lecter drugs the incredibly rude Mason Verger and convinces him to slice off his own face and feed it to Will's dogs. It's a grotesque sight, especially when Hannibal urges Mason to eat his own nose. If not for the show's trademark excellent wordplay ("I'm full of myself!" Mason cackles in glee after finishing his meal), we're not sure we could keep watching.
7. Best Hunch: It's been a rough season for Benson on Law & Order: SVU, but fortunately, the beloved detective gets a happy ending. On the finale, Benson goes to a hearing for the baby she rescued earlier this season after the birth mother is tragically killed. When there is no place for the baby, Noah, to go, the judge suddenly asks Benson on a "hunch" if she would like to become Noah's foster mother. Benson hesitates, but the episode closes with her sitting in a rocking chair holding baby Noah in her arms. Lewis who?
6 Best Twist: Being Russian spies on American soil is about to look like a cakewalk compared to what the Rezidentura has asked of Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans season finale. The next step in spycraft? The Second Generation Illegals Program, in which the Jennings must recruit their own daughter Paige because her status as a native American citizen could allow her to infiltrate the highest echelons of the government. Hey, honey, how would you like to serve your country? Too bad, it's time to serve ours.
5. Best Resurrection: Winchesters have died more times than Buffy Summers, but this time it was serious. After getting stabbed in the chest by Metatron on the Supernaturalfinale, Dean bites the dust yet again. Only for once, he doesn't need his brother to bring him back. As Crowley explains to Dean's dead body, the Mark of Cain doesn't let go easily and brings the eldest Winchester back to life — as a demon! So while Dean might not be dead anymore, a lot of fans might be after that heart-stopping cliff-hanger.
4. Best Finale: Many shows in their later seasons lose a bit of steam, but Bones' Season 9 finale revitalizes the veteran procedural in a way we didn't expect. After Booth uncovers a massive FBI conspiracy, he has to fight off three Delta Force operatives in an explosive, edge-of-your-seat firefight (excellently directed by series star David Boreanaz) in Booth and Bennan's home. Booth is shot in the battle and is taken to the hospital, where despite a grim outlook, he survives. But in the closing shot, Booth is arrested for the murder of three "FBI agents" who stormed his home to "serve a warrant." That's right: Booth's heading to jail — and, for now, there's nothing Brennan can do about it.

3. Best Singing Surprise: On the American Idol season finale, the lucky 13th champ is crowned, but it's the superstar performances that take center stage for most of the episode. Despite memorable performances from the likes of J.Lo and former winner Phillip Phillips, the biggest showstopper is Ryan Seacrest, who gamely warbles out Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting." Obviously he shouldn't quit his many day jobs anytime soon, but the longtime host gets points for singing with more earnestness and gusto than most of this season's boring contestants. Still, Ryan, you are NOT the next American Idol.

2. Best Nip Slip: Nipples are all the rage these days. Forgoing his famous Lip Sync Battles, Jimmy Fallon engages Terry Crews in a Nip Sync on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Shirtless and oiled up, the splendidly muscled duo (Crews for real, Jimmy not so much, for the record) trade off in a gripping pectoral dance to "Ebony and Ivory." Now what are the chances he does this with a female guest?

1. Best Dance: While working together on the Burger Chef campaign, Mad Men's Don and Peggy finally heal some old wounds. While working together on the weekend, Peggy yells at Don for making her question her just OK idea, and then demands that he teach her how he thinks. After several hours of drinking and stripping down the idea, the pair bonds over the fact that they both have sacrificed having a real personal life for the sake of their job. However, realizing that they are like family (which later becomes the idea for the pitch), the pair lets bygones be bygones and share a touching slow dance to Frank Sinatra's "My Way." Mad Men doesn't get much better than this.
What were your top moments?