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Top Moments: John Oliver Makes Us Laugh Talking About Net Neutrality

Our top moments of the week: 11. Best Icebreaker: Jonah Hill has been apologizing for the wrong transgression this whole time. A day after his tearful mea culpa on The Tonight Show for using an anti-gay slur, the 22 Jump Street star drops by The Colbert Report, where...

Joyce Eng, Kate Stanhope

Our top moments of the week:
11. Best Icebreaker: Jonah Hill has been apologizing for the wrong transgression this whole time. A day after his tearful mea culpa on The Tonight Show for using an anti-gay slur, the 22 Jump Street star drops by The Colbert Report, where Stephen Colbert wastes no time addressing the "elephant in the room" because he had "learned something disturbing recently." "It was revealed that you are friends with Adam Levine," Colbert says, as Hill dissolves into giggles. "Would you like to apologize because I have had 'Moves Like Jagger' in my head for three years and someone needs to say they're f---ing sorry for that?" "He's a great guy, but the song's too catchy," the actor would only offer up. Classic "sorry, not sorry."
10. Best Nickname: Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon partake in a rousing, hilarious game of Word Sneak — in which you have to casually work random words, like "gerbils" and "mullet," into a conversation — on The Tonight Show, and they save their best for last. Having drawn "squeegee," Gervais asks Jimmy if he has a nickname for his penis. Without missing a beat, Jimmy answers with his word: "Keanu Reeves." Sad Keanu is so yesterday.  
9. Best Spoof: Bey and Jay are not gonna be happy about this! Luke Bryan and Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line pay, er, homage to Jay Z and Solange's infamous elevator fight at the CMT Awards. After host Kristen Bell finally convinces herself she can emcee the show solo, she's forced to wait for the elevator to get to the stage. Little does she know that the elevator takes so long because Bryan, Hubbard and Kelley start punching and kicking each other inside the, as we see via the security camera footage. The trio gets out as if nothing ever happened when the door opens for Bell. However, Bryan ominously warns her, "What happens in the elevator stays in the elevator." If only that had been true the first time!
8. Worst Business Strategy: On the premiere of AMC's Halt and Catch Fire, hot-shot salesman Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) is so eager to build the next great computer that he'll do anything. No, really. After talking his way into a job at Cardiff Electric and stalking an engineer until he helps Joe reverse-engineer an IBM PC, Joe's illegal pet project gets Cardiff sued. But how does IBM find out in the first place? Joe tells the computer giant exactly what he's done! Sure, it forces Cardiff to build the machine Joe wants to build, but there's got to be a cheaper (and less risky) way, right?
7. Best Blunder: Oh, Donnie. You can't get anything right, can you? After discovering that Alison is a clone on Orphan Black, he tracks down Leekie, forces him into his car at gunpoint and yells at him for ruining his family. "I quit," Donnie screams, slamming his fist onto the steering wheel for emphasis. Unfortunately, this gesture doesn't have quite the effect he intended, as he accidentally sets off the gun, shooting Leekie square in the head. We doubt the police will accept "oops!" as a valid excuse for murder.
6. Worst Sexual Assault: A recently heartbroken Louis tries to thank Pamela for babysitting his kids on Louie, but it takes a turn for the disturbing. As Pamela tries to leave, Louie forcibly restrains her and tries to kiss her. "This would be rape if you weren't so stupid," she tells him as she tries to run from his clutches. The scene grows even more uncomfortable after Louie corners Pamela at the door and announces, "I'm gonna kiss you now." Arms folded, Pamela reluctantly lets him peck her on the mouth before she rushes out the door, while Louie "rejoices" with a double fist pump. We'll have to wait until Part 2 next week to see exactly what C.K. is trying to say here.
5. Worst Guess Ever: Ready to experience some major secondhand embarrassment? On Wheel of Fortune, contestants have to solve a song lyric. They make it as far as "S_RF C__Y _ERE WE COME" before Stephen decides to solve Now, you may not be a diehard Jan and Dean fan, but surely you've heard of "Surf city, here we come." Stephen? Not so much. "Surf clay where we go," he says. (Yes, "go.") "Uh... no," Pat Sajak perfectly deadpans.
5. Best Tribute: On the second episode of The Bachelorette's two-parter, Andi says goodbye to early front-runner Eric. After Eric confronted her at the cocktail party, where he essentially called her fake, Andi decides that it was best he leave. Tragically, Eric died a few weeks later in a paragliding accident. In lieu of airing the weekly rose ceremony, the episode ends with the first one-on-one conversation between host Chris Harrison and Andi since his passing, as they recount Eric's days on the show. As Harrison says, "it's hard to know what the right thing to do is."
4. Best Reveal: It's not 24 without a mole. It's taken six episodes, but 24: Live Another Day has unveiled its latest backstabber at last. After surviving last week's explosion, CIA boss Navarro chats with an unknown, mysterious voice on the other line about his framing of Kate's husband, adding that Jordan is already hot on their heels if they're not careful going forward. Now, who is Navarro working for?
3. Best Time Jump: TV time jumps aren't as uncommon as they used to be, but Fargo's one-year leap in the middle of Tuesday's episode still delivers a bit of a shock — especially this close to the end of the show's run. Even though it leaves some dangling threads in Molly's murder investigation (with Lester and Malvo seemingly getting off scot free), it drastically changes all the characters: Molly is now pregnant with Gus' baby, Lester has shed his emasculated insecurity to become a confident, skirt-chasing Insurance Salesman of the Year and Malvo's posing as an affluent dentist (without those bangs!) At this point, anything can happen — and we can't wait to find out what does.

2. Best Call to Arms: Still not sure what the net neutrality hullabaloo is? Let John Oliver explain it to you. The funnyman launches into an awesome 13-minute rant on Last Week Tonight about the "cable company f---ery" and offers a solution for the Battle of the World Wide Web: Internet trolls. Oliver orders commenters to do some good and demand the continuation of a free Internet on the FCC website. "This is the moment you were made for, commenters," he says. "Like Ralph Macchio, you've been honing your skills, waxing cars and painting fences. Well, guess what, now it's time to do some f---ing karate." In related news, the FCC commenting system experienced some "technical difficulties" on Monday. 

1. Best Fight: By now, Game of Thrones fans should expect everyone they love to die. But this knowledge doesn't make what happens to Oberyn Martell any easier to bear. The Red Viper uses his Cirque du Soleil acrobatics to knock The Mountain down, but just when victory seems assured, Oberyn gets too cocky. Before long, he's the one flat on his back, teeth knocked out, blood bursting from his eyes and brains splayed all over the concrete. We believe Pedro Pascal said it best: "Ouch."

What were your top moments?