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Our top moments of the week:

13. Best Affair to Remember: Bachelor in Paradise goes behind the scenes when contestant Michelle K. hooks up with a sound guy. But when producers find out and knock on their door, the sound guys freaks out and takes a page from a romantic comedy by jumping off the balcony. Wait, it gets better: He breaks his ankles. Interviewing him in the hospital Chris Harrison makes a point to ask him his last name, which is ironically "Putz."

12. Best Revenge: When Putin places sanctions on importing U.S. chicken into Russia, Last Week Tonight supports the dumpee post-breakup. On the rebound, Taryn the Chicken joins popular dating app Tinder and then performs a sexy (?) pole-dance — so Russia can see what it's missing, of course. "Oh yeah, work that pole like a rotisserie, you dirty bird!" host John Oliver urges. "Look, don't touch, Russia. You don't want this, remember? Party fowl is on the prowl." Well, that's one chicken dance we won't see at the next Oktoberfest!

11. Worst Intruder: While Paige is putting the finishing touches on Ray's home in preparation for his wife's arrival on Royal Pains, the two begin to engage in a harmless, good-natured pillow fight. (She's an interior decorator — this is how she expresses herself!) Despite their soft weapons, the fight suddenly turns violent when someone from outside Ray's house fires a gun at them and shoots Ray in the arm. Methinks Mrs. Ray caught an earlier jitney to the Hamptons?

10. Worst Tease: After finally coming to terms with both her illness, as well as her intensive chemotherapy treatments, on the summer finale on Chasing Life, April takes a walk around the hospital ward with her IV. However, she is shocked when she sees the parents of Leo, her recent romance who is battling a fatal brain tumor, in the hospital talking with a doctor. As she's about to call Leo to find out what's going on, she discovers she has a voicemail from him. Unfortunately, the credits fade to black before fans can hear the message. Is he about to die? Is he finally going through surgery for his tumor? Christmas really can't come soon enough, since that's when the next new episode airs.

9. Best Reveal: On Covert Affairs, after Annie gets suspended for keeping her heart condition a secret — not to mention bailing on a meeting with the DNI to follow a now-dead Roger's lead —  she heads to McQuaid's house for a night of booze, food and laughs. Just when they're about to take things to the next level in the morning, McQuaid has to answer the door. Who's his visitor? None other than the dog walker Roger had insisted was following him. Uh-oh! Is Ryan behind the Chicago bombing?!

8. Worst Cover-Up: Mike goes undercover at a house for human trafficking in order to bring its organizers down on Graceland, but accidentally ends up costing one of the girls — Paige's friend, Lina — her life when he tries to get her out of the house against the boss man's wishes. Mike can't bear to tell Paige the truth, so instead he says that Lina in the trunk. After that lie, he parks the car and then he knocks himself unconscious. He hopes this elaborate setup will convince Paige when she arrives that Lina knocked him out and then fled. Yeah, like that's not gonna catch up with him.

7. Worst Horseplay: The Leftovers' younger generation seems to be handling the certain departure in their own weird ways, which this week manifests itself with Jill Garvey volunteering to lock herself inside an old refrigerator to both honor a departed friend while also trying to beat his record of time spent inside. Of course, once a fading-fast Jill actually breaks the record, her friends accidentally snap off the refrigerator's handle trapping her inside (until she's miraculously rescued by her escaped mental patient grandfather).  Clearly those kids never watched Punky Brewster.

6. Worst Revenge: In a True Blood episode all about healing, Jason's betrayed ex Violet puts a sick twist on the theme when she details her evil plan to torture Jessica, the girl he cheated with. You see, Jessica has the vampire ability to heal herself from all wounds... including the wound of losing her virginity. Yep, Violet makes her twisted intent very clear when she holds up lewdly shaped red-hot poker. We can't unsee it!

5. Best Girl Power:
While Game of Thrones lives for "sexposition," Outlander firmly differentiates itself from that other fantasy drama with its celebration of female sexuality. While exploring the now-ruinous Castle Leoch in 1945, Claire not-so-casually mentions she's going commando before sitting on a table, guiding Frank's head between her legs and clearly reveling in what happens next. Oh, and she's fully dressed, by the way. Now that is how you depict a powerful female character in charge of her own sexuality!

4. Worst Exit:
Though Louis saves the firm by figuring out that SEC head Woodall had been colluding with Forstman on Suits, Jessica refuses to change her mind about firing Louis for his dirty deal with Forstman. But before either Jessica or Harvey can officially hand him the pink slip, Louis leaves a heartfelt letter on Harvey's desk, acknowledging that he had put the firm in jeopardy and that Pearson Specter, thus far his only place of employment, is the "only place I've ever wanted to work." Because of that, "effective immediately, I, Louis Litt, am resigning from Pearson Specter," he writes. "Take care of my home." Will we ever get Litt Up again?

3. Best Tribute, Part I: As news spread about Robin Williams' death on Monday, Conan O'Brien was taping his show and found himself faced with the unenviable task of breaking the news to a stunned audience. "I'm sorry to anyone in our studio audience that I'm breaking this news. This is absolutely shocking and horrifying and so upsetting on every level," he says, his voice cracking, before paying tribute to Williams with Andy Richter and guest Will Arnett, who recalls the actor's generosity and kindness. The raw emotion is palpable and all the more heartbreaking as the three are visibly still processing the tragedy. "We're thinking about everybody who he touched around the world throughout his life and thinking about Robin tonight," O'Brien says. "There's really not much else to say."

2. Worst Meltdown: On Big BrotherFrankie decides the only way to stop being Public Enemy No. 1 is to... tell everyone he has a huge online following and is the brother of a pop sensation. Predictably, his fellow houseguests immediately question why he's even playing the game, to which he replies that he's playing for charity. Whether or not it's true, Frankie's former BFF Zach takes the news especially hard. "I have no chance!" he screams through tears in the diary room. "The kid's playing for f---ing children in Africa! This guy already won fan favorite! Give him the f---ing money! I'm wasting my f---ing time here!" Hmm, if only there was a way in this game to vote players out...

1. Best Tribute, Part II: Among the numerous tributes to Robin Williams is Jimmy Fallon's pitch-perfect salute on The Tonight Show. After ?uestlove kicks off the show with a "nanu nanu," Fallon movingly speaks of the comedy giant's singular talents and genius. "He's one of a kind. He's one in a million. He's unbelievable," he says, before doing a spot-on impression of Williams. "You'd watch him and you would cry laughing and you would think, 'I am never going to see anyone like this human ever.' It's just amazing. His brain was always thinking 10 steps ahead of what he was saying." After cuing up Williams' first Tonight Show appearance with Johnny Carson in 1981— as proof of the comedian's "divine madness" — Fallon signs off with an ode to Williams' role in Dead Poets Society. "O captain, my captain," he says, climbing onto his desk. "You will be missed."

What were your top moments?