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Our top moments of the week:

12. Better Late Than Never Award: Con man Frank O'Hara (special guest star William Shatner) has spent most of his daughter's life on the run. So when he returns to town on Psych to try to redeem himself with Juliet in time for her 30th birthday, she is obviously skeptical. But Frank does what he does best to win her back: He figures out a way to deliver the bad guys to the front door of the police station. "It was a good plan, dad," Juliet tells him. "It was the least I could do," he responds. Well, there's also the little matter of what he's going to get her for her birthday. Bigger is better, dad.

11. Best Acceptance: Max Braverman, who suffers from Aspergers, has always been a handful, but when he runs away and returns unfazed about the stress his disappearance has caused his family, older sister Haddie finally snaps at him on Parenthood. She apologizes to her dad afterward and tells him it's fine, before changing her statement (slightly). "I guess it's not fine, but it is the way that it is." Yes, growing up sucks, but if only we all could do it as gracefully as Haddie.

10. Worst Rejection: After being forced out of the closet by a local politician playing dirty, Santana slowly begins to embrace her sexuality on Glee, going as far as to tell her parents, who accept her for who she is. Unfortunately, her beloved abuela has no such reaction. Instead of opening her arms, she tells her granddaughter that she should have kept her sexuality a secret and kicks her out of the house for good. Dang, Lima Heights-adjacent is a rough neighborhood.

9. It's About Time Award: Terra Nova finally gains momentum by not only revealing who the mole was, but also why she is betraying the colony. Until now, we thought Skye's mother had succumbed to fever. But no, her mom has been hiding out with the Sixers — who are the only ones who have the cure — in exchange for Skye's intel on the colony, of course. We're supposed to feel sad about this, right?

8. Best Double Hit: On Ringer, Bridget and Andrew agree to pay Charlie ransom in exchange for Gemma, but the drop-off goes awry when Charlie spots cops circling. Angry and impatient, he shoots Gemma dead — or so he thinks. He inexplicably misses (uh, you were, like, less than a foot away from her) and when Gemma tries to escape, Charlie shoots her dead, for real this time. But just as he's cleaning up his mess, Siobhan — who had ordered Charlie to kidnap Gemma — arrives to clean up hers: She kills Charlie with the same gun and makes the whole thing look like a murder-suicide.

7. Best Power Play: Even with Clay's life hanging in the balance, this week's Sons of Anarchy belonged to the ladies battling for Jax's heart. Gemma finally tells Jax (most of) the truth about Clay's involvement in John's death and urges him to off SAMCRO's president and take his rightful seat at the head of the table. Meanwhile, Tara gives Jax a syringe of blood thinner that will discreetly end Clay's life so that Jax, Tara and their boys can ride off into the sunset. For now, it looks like Tara's winning: "He's mine," she sneers at Gemma.

6. Saddest Twist of Fate: Annoyed with Jimmy's debt repayment on Boardwalk Empire, Manny sets out to kill him. After breaking into Jimmy's house and holding his wife Angela hostage, the crime boss shoots the figure who exits the bathroom — except it's not Jimmy, but Louise, Angela's lover. Angela begs for her life, but Manny shows no mercy and turns his gaffe into an opportunity. "The most important thing in life, darling — your health. Your husband did this to you," he says, before shooting her in the head — twice. R.I.P., Angela.

5. Worst Reveal: Sometimes we don't want to be right. After finding Travis passed out in the Doomsday Killer's church lair on Dexter, Dex is convinced Professor Gellar is behind it and makes his way down the basement, where he sees a freezer. He opens it to discover a frozen Gellar, confirming what has been glaringly obvious all season long: Travis is acting alone and Gellar has been dead this whole time since he never interacted with anyone else. The inept, anticlimactic reveal is yet another reminder of how far the show's fallen. Unfortunately, it's not going anywhere.

4. Harshest Critics: Kids always tell you how they really feel — sometimes without any words at all. Take Michael Jackson's kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, who look like they'd rather be anywhere else than at their dad's tribute night on The X Factor. While the hopefuls labor to kiss up to the Jackson clan, the kids are visibly unimpressed with the theatrics, staring blankly and unwilling to crack even the slightest of smiles. How bored are they? When Steve Jones tries to make small talk with Paris, Prince is listening to something else with his earbuds. Honestly, we don't blame you, kid.

3. Toughest Choice: After second-guessing himself all season, The Walking Dead's Rick proves he can still make the tough choices when it matters. When madman Shane, spurned by Lori, goes all trigger-happy on the walkers in Hershel's barn, Rick simply looks on as Darryl, Andrea and T-Dog join in on the zombie massacre. But when little Sophia — for whom the group has been looking all season — comes staggering out of the barn as a zombie, Rick is the only one willing to step forward and put her out of her misery. We just wonder how long that decision will haunt Rick.

2. Most Alarming News: Brian Williams remained as unflappable as ever when a fire alarm blared during his Tuesday Nightly News broadcast, but Jon Stewart is not exactly amused by Williams' calm and cool demeanor. "Weren't you a volunteer fireman? Fire alarm goes off in the studio and your example to the kids is, 'Stay on prompter'?" Stewart jokes on The Daily Show. "'Hey, kids, when faced with a fire, stop, drop, and be handsome.' No!" But Williams exacts revenge on his pal by interrupting Stewart's following segment with a bullhorn alarm. "Not so funny, is it, funnyman?" Let that be a lesson to us all: Never mess with BriWi.

1. Grossest Series of "Healthy" Events: We expected the biggest train wreck on the season premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York to be Kim and Kris's failed relationship, but we were wrong! Instead, Kourtney, who's, like, totally on a health kick, decides to take her healthy lifestyle to a new level — like to the point where she eats kale chips, gets an oil enema (on screen!) and takes naked yoga classes. And we thought Kim's sex tape was TMI!

What were your top moments?