America Ferrera and Annie Werschling America Ferrera and Annie Werschling

Lots of things came to an end this week on TV — for better and for worse. Blair dumped Chuck on Gossip Girl and House's Cameron and Chase signed their divorce papers. Jack got up for a glass of water, and in an instant, his 24 lady-love Renee was killed by a sniper. But not all the endings were bad. Dean finally outsmarted Zachariah on Supernatural, Betty Suarez got her happily-ever-after, and Melrose Place went out — we think — with a slap. Welcome to Top Moments: Hard to Say Goodbye Edition.

13. Second Most Tearful "I Do": Cate spends Life Unexpected's season finale grappling with her feelings for Baze while prepping for her wedding to Ryan. But this isn't The Graduate: Though Baze storms the church, it's immediately after Cate and Ryan exchange vows. Jeez, Baze is late for everything.

12. Best Family Resemblance: Brothers & Sisters' Kevin (Matthew Rhys) comes unhinged when he learns that an awkward teenage fistfight actually led to his pal being paralyzed, a fact his parents neglected to mention for more than 20 years. "What have I done?" he asks, as his face crumples in a very Sally Field-esque mask of worry lines. Like mother, like son.

11. Best Resurrection: In Supernatural's 100th episode, it seems like a beaten-down Dean has agreed to become Michael's vessel. But with a smile and a wink, Dean outsmarts and kills Zachariah, avoiding becoming the archangel's meat suit. And that's how Dean Winchester gets his groove — and his faith — back.

10. Best Motif: The pilot episode of Treme underscores the importance of music to the people of New Orleans with two telling moments. Antoine Batiste opens the hour by playing his trombone in a raucous second-line parade, the first since Hurricane Katrina. It's a stellar setup for the final scene of him blowing his horn in a funeral march.

9. Most Tearful "I Do": On this week's Gossip Girl, while sweet Dorota and Vanya tie the knot, in a perverse twist of logic, Blair realizes that she loves Chuck too much to keep dating him. Chuck pleads with her to "see it through until the end." Her terse reply: "This is the end."

8. Best Action Sequence: Smallville embraces Clark Kent's destiny when he demonstrates super-speed to save Chloe, who has been cornered by Checkmate operatives. Can flight be far behind?

7. Rockingest Video Game: Chris Rock's routines are so famously botched by people who aren't Chris Rock that The Office once built an entire episode around it. During an appearance by the comic on Lopez Tonight Monday, George Lopez finds a positive spin: Chris Rock Band, a game in which players can do comedy-karaoke versions of such Rock routines as "Tussin," "The Big Piece of Chicken," and "Bullets Should Cost $5,000." The audience members who played seemed to be having fun — any chance Lopez might sell this for real?

6. Tackiest Goodbye: Cameron returns to House to ask Chase to sign their divorce papers. Then they have sex while trapped in an exam room during a hospital lockdown. A reconciliation? Not really, since Cameron confesses that she never actually loved Chase. And so their tortuous marriage comes to a cheap final chapter.

5. Most Bittersweet End: Huh. So this week apparently marked the season (and probably series) finale of Melrose Place. It's a shame, since the soapy girl-on-girl action ratcheted up this week when Amanda not only fired Ella, but punctuated her dismissal with a slap. Somewhere, Joan Collins exhaled a deep, proud sigh and shouted at her flat-screen: "That's my girl!"

4. Well, Yeah Award: During an interview on the Today show to promote her new book, Kate Gosselin admits that she was too hard on her ex-husband Jon. "I could have guarded my tongue better," she concedes. To which the judges of the Understatement Sweepstakes reply: We have a winner!

3. Best Surprise: After five-and-a-half seasons, it's getting hard for Lost to shock us. In another predictable twist, the show plays the old run-over-the-guy-in-the-wheelchair card. (Wait, what?) Was Desmond trying to force a near-death experience when he barreled into Locke, or are his intentions just sinister?

2. Worst Drink: When has Jack Bauer ever done anything but fight terrorists on 24? Just about never, which made the tender, post-coital moment between him and Renee Walker all the more special... until snipers take her out as he fetches a glass of water.

1. Best Grace Note: In the final seconds of the Ugly Betty series finale, a glamorous, accomplished Betty Suarez walks off into the London afternoon with no need for any man at her side. The show's title card fills the screen, and the word "ugly" in Ugly Betty fades, revealing to us that Betty has become the swan we always knew was waiting to emerge from that lovable duckling.