Courteney Cox, Jake Pavelka Courteney Cox, Jake Pavelka

This week, television manipulated our emotions. Biggest Loser made us feel bad for half-naked strangers, CNN dazzled us with a fireworks-laden skyscraper, and Felicity Huffman took our breath away. Welcome to Top Moments: Forced Feelings Edition.

7. Biggest Tease: On Sunday's Brothers & Sisters, we learn that Kitty is cancer-free. But a sneaky subplot involving a hidden box of love letters reveals that she once had an affair with a political celebrity known as "the silver fox." Her siblings spend the hour chiding her for her youthful indiscretion, but the audience never learns his identity. Instead, Kitty burns his letters to symbolize both her newfound shift in priorities and her renewed love for Robert.

6. Most Naked Truth: The season 9 premiere of Biggest Loser features a cruel twist to the already borderline-oppressive show concept: Rather than having the initial weigh-in at the ranch, each duo has to take off their shirts and step on the scale in their hometowns in front of family, friends, and members of their community. Because nothing encourages empowerment better than public humiliation.

5. Most Awe-Inspiring: CNN wows its audience with live coverage of the fireworks-studded opening of the Burj Khalifa Bin Zayed skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It's 168 stories tall, which means it's now the world's tallest building at 828 meters — more than 310 meters higher than its closest competition: the Taipei 101.

4. Worst Lip Service: Nip/Tuck loves to gross us out, and this week's story — about a young man who self-mutilates and needs new lips — is no exception. As Drs. McNamara and Troy hear of his history, we see a gruesome flashback of a tortured little boy trying to gnaw off his own bloody fingers.

3. Best New Low: Sure, the ladies of The Bachelor have to make a big first impression. But the sexy Cambodian come-on of one contestant (which loosely translates as "you can land your plane on my landing strip any day") didn't exactly fly over so well with pilot Jake.

2. Best and Worst Stunt Casting: ABC's blockbuster Wednesday comedies welcomed some pretty high-profile guest stars this week. On The Middle, Brooke Shields stunk up the joint as a skanky neighbor and Modern Family welcomed Benjamin Bratt as Manny's ne'er-do-well dad. But it was Lisa Kudrow's appearance as evil dermatologist Amy Evans on Cougar Town — the former Friend's first prime-time reunion with Courteney Cox — that won the guest-star sweepstakes. "You smell nice," Jules says to Dr. Evans. "That's the smell of confidence," she replies.

1. Most Moving: On an uneven episode of Desperate Housewives in which the ladies imagined alternate futures, a harried Lynette contemplates raising a disabled kid. As she labors over a sinkful of dishes, she insists that her son use his gnarled limbs to make himself a sandwich, a poignant lesson in self-reliance. Felicity Huffman, with specific posture and facial cues, shows every ounce of effort it takes not to give in and help him.