<P>Molly Shannon, <EM>More of Me</EM></P>

Molly Shannon, More of Me

The very funny Molly Shannon pulls off comedy and romance, playing an overwhelmed career mom in the fanciful Lifetime movie More of Me (Saturday, Nov. 17, 9 pm/ET). We recently chatted with the actress, who's in the midst of an incredibly busy year of her own.

TV Guide: Tell us about the film.
Molly Shannon:
It's about a [working] mother. She has two children, she is married — she's really busy and wishes that there was more of her to go around. She starts to lose it with the pressure to be everything [and] ends up literally splitting into three versions of herself.

TV Guide: Is this a character you can relate to?
Oh my god, yes. You think you can do it all... easier said than done. I'm an actress and also a mother of two toddlers. It's a real balancing act.

TV Guide: Steven Weber plays your husband — that must have been a bonus.
I know. There were all these kissing scenes. A friend of mine who's an actress was asked, "What is it like when you kiss somebody in a scene?" And she's like, "Oh, it's nothing, it's very technical and you don't feel anything." That's not how I feel! I have just the opposite experience. [Laughs] I feel everything. It gives me the giggles.

TV Guide: In May you became the second former female cast member of Saturday Night Live to return as host. How did it feel to come back after five years?
I really missed it. It's so exciting to think of something on Monday night and then perform it live on Saturday. It was really hard, too. I have such a newfound respect for the hosts.

TV Guide: We hear you're coming back to series TV on the American version of the Australian comedy Kath & Kim….
I love the mother-daughter relationship, and I think it's so relatable. But it is hard because the two women that created it [are] so perfect. I could never imitate what they do. We'll just try to do our own American version, but keep the essence of the characters.

TV Guide: Has a Kim been cast yet?
No, not yet. They need to find a Kim soon! [Laughs]

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