Amazon's rom-com anthology Modern Love explores dating and relationships in New York City through an idyllic lens. In real life, though, navigating those first encounters is tricky, which is why it's a good idea to set up some boundaries. For Anne Hathaway, a good rule of thumb for first dates is making sure you're present in the moment and that your breath isn't strong enough to wake the dead.

"Get off your damn phone. You're with me, we're spending time together, put your phone away," she told TV Guide of her dating deal breaker, adding that "deeply bad breath" is also something she just can't get over.

Andrew Scott revealed that prefers someone who is funny, while Brandon Kyle Goodman admitted that he values kindness in a potential partner. "If you're mean to the waiter, [you're] out! You can't be mean to the waiter on the date," Goodman said.

Watch the cast break down their dating deal breakers in the above video.

Modern Love is now streaming on Amazon.

Anne Hathaway and Brandon Kyle Goodman, <em>Modern Love</em>Anne Hathaway and Brandon Kyle Goodman, Modern Love