Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet

They do!

Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) tied the knot on Wednesday's season finale of Modern Family, marking the first same-sex TV wedding since gay marriage was legalized in California. But as is usually the case with TV comedies, the nuptials didn't go off without a few more hitches.

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After a growing wildfire threatens the wedding for the second time since the end of last week's episode (watch it here), Mitch and Cam try to fast-track the ceremony, but Sal (Elizabeth Banks) goes into labor and cannot officiate. Lo and behold, Phil (Ty Burrell) has been ordained online — and is dying to do a magic trick — but due to shifting winds, everyone has to evacuate the premises immediately via shuttles, which are actually school buses.

Pepper (Nathan Lane) moves the wedding to a venue left vacant by a runaway bride and a suicidal groom, but it doesn't remain vacant for long as they return to kick everyone out. Plan C takes the group to Mitch and Cam's house. "Is this really how you want to get married?" Cam asks Mitch.

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As Mitch starts to "call time of death" on the at-home nuptials, Jay (Ed O'Neill), who had been at odds with his son after expressing doubts about the wedding, interrupts with a surprise. "You two deserve the kind of wedding you've been talking about non-stop for the past nine months," he says. 

Cut to a sunset outdoor ceremony at a golf club. Jay walks Mitch down the aisle, and they're eventually joined by Gloria (Sofia Vergara). Moved, Cam's parents reunite (Barry Corbin and Celia Weston) and walk their son down the aisle.

"They say the best marriages contain a little bit of magic. Believe me, I know," Phil says, glancing at Claire (Julie Bowen) and refraining from any actual magic, before delivering the big line: "By the power vested in me by the state of California, I am privileged to pronounce you spouses for life."

The nuptials, simple and sweet in their normalcy, are punctuated with a kiss, followed by Mitch and Cam's — "great husbands," as Claire toasts — first dance.

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