Actor Reid Ewing, who plays Sarah Hyland's doofus boyfriend on Modern Family, totally came out this weekend on Twitter, although, according to him, he was never in.

After watching a Good Morning America segment about body dysmorphia on Saturday, Ewing tweeted that the man featured was "hot af," as in, you know, hot as f---. A fan wrote back asking, "Did you just out yourself?" prompting Ewing to respond, "I was never in." He soon after posted a meme of glam goddess Marilyn Monroe popping up out of a chair, following the news with a fierce flourish. Alrighty then!

While apparently not news to his inner circle, it's definitely news to us, and comes just days after the 27-year-old actor revealed a longtime struggle with his body image and an addiction to plastic surgery that entailed bad cheekbone implants, a dislodged chin implant and lots of fillers.

Modern Family star Reid Ewing reveals terrifying plastic surgery addiction

Sounds like Ewing is coming into his own and getting healthy, so we wish him the best.

Given Sofia Vergara's big wedding and Ariel Winter's family drama, it sounds like the behind-the-scenes of Modern Family might be as interesting as the show, right?

Watch Reid Ewing talk about having eight plastic surgeries. "I felt hideously ugly."