Stacy-Ann Fequiere, <EM>America's Top Model</EM> Stacy-Ann Fequiere, America's Top Model

Being cut from America's Next Top Model (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET, CW) hurts. But being cut so that the show can keep a contestant who didn't even participate in the photo challenge? That's off-the-charts painful! That's exactly what happened last week to perky Stacy-Ann Fequiere. Snottier-than-thou Fatima took a day off to get her travel papers in order and missed the jet-set shoot. But it was still Stacy-Ann who got the boot. What gives? To find out, rang up the 22-year-old student at home in Miami. How did it feel to be beaten by "the invisible woman," Fatima?
Stacy-Ann Fequiere: I was pissed and devastated at the same time. It was freezing cold, so I was really struggling, and Fatima didn't have to do it! Since she didn't have her paperwork, of course we had been sympathizing with her. But then she had to take time out to do her own thing, and that showed a little bit of favoritism. And she came on the show knowing the models go abroad every year!
Stacy-Ann: Right! A lot of us had to do a lot of stuff to make sure we had our documents to travel. That's not fair! I was devastated. We were at the airport, I had packed my bags to go overseas, and then I got eliminated! Did you think it would go the other way when Tyra Banks was being so hard on Fatima during the judging session?
No. I kinda knew how it was going to go. Even though they were chastising her for not having paperwork, once they said they were going to judge her based on her body of work, I knew. That's why I started crying before they'd even announced which of us was staying. Do you think they were working so hard to keep her because she had more potential as a model or because she had more potential to create drama?
Oh, drama. I don't think it was based on who was a better model. A lot of people said she looked like Iman, but I personally know that a lot of people thought I was a better model. The week before [I was cut], I even had my picture called first. [The judges] all knew I was working very hard, and I was a great model. I probably should have created a lot more drama! [Laughs] What were you thinking, going on TV and being nice?!
Stacy-Ann: I thought maybe people would have a change of heart and like the girl who's nice. But now I know better! But I wanted to stay true to myself. I actually wish there were more role models on TV who were pleasant, nice people who you could actually root for.
Stacy-Ann: Nobody wants to see that. Not today. Everybody wants the drama. Do you think the judges thought of you as kind of a joke after you hummed your own musical accompaniment to your stripper dance?
Yeah. They kept bringing that up, like it was my theme song! I think they really liked my personality, because that was the reason I got into the house. But when it comes to modeling, I guess I didn't have that strong, dramatic element that they were looking for. I was too happy. Do you think it help or hurt that they looked at you and said, "She has Paulina Porizkova's jawline"?
Stacy-Ann: I think it helped. They were seeing that I had strong features, and that's always a good thing. Is there a silver lining in all this? I mean, you have to be glad at least to be away from Fatima and all the drama queens.
Stacy-Ann: We have to interact with everybody, and sometimes you just didn't want to talk to anybody. You just wanted your private space, and there was no privacy at all. You always had to interact with people, because if not, it's a problem. And problems create drama. It was very difficult, but at the same time, it was a really great experience. So what are you up to now?
Stacy-Ann: I'm back home and in school, finishing my degree in education. I was planning to go to Japan to teach English before the show, and then they had the auditions at my school. Now I'm back, and I'll finish my degree, then go to Japan. I'm thinking maybe I'll try to do some overseas modeling and see how it goes. Yeah, screw Italy!
Stacy-Ann: [Laughs] Yeah, let's try Japan and see if I can get some reaction over there instead.

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