Adrianne Curry by Denise Truscello/ Adrianne Curry by Denise Truscello/

And surprisingly, the Top Model doing so isn't runner-up Chantal but Cycle 1 victor Adrianne Curry, the Playboy covergirl and black sheep of Tyra Banks' catwalking contest. On her MySpace blog, Mrs. Peter Brady suggests that "not only has [Saleisha] modeled before (Wendy's commercials, Tyra Banks Show runway model) but... she also had a personal relationship with Tyra from being in her T-Zone camp. According to my contract with Top Model, all of these things would keep you from even coming on the show, let alone win it.

"I agree with the majority in saying that this is not fair," Curry continues, adding, "I didn't think that they chose the girl who could actually model... but then I remembered that they are nine seasons into this show and have yet to be successful in making a real Top Model." Meow!

Though Curry goes on to say that "if I had been one of the other contestants, I would be crying foul everywhere I went," she is confident that Miss Tyra "will do the right thing in this situation. Heck, maybe after she is done righting this wrong, she could hint at the agency she placed me in to pay me for the work I did and won through her show? Been trying to get that check since 2003." - Ben Katner