Jordana Spiro,  Zach Gilford Jordana Spiro, Zach Gilford

The Mob Doctor's Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro) and Brett Robinson (Zach Gilford) face all the obstacles a typical couple in their position would — working long hours, getting to know one another's families, and navigating the awkwardness of dating your boss. Oh, and then there's the whole issue of Grace secretly working for the Chicago mafia.

"I think [Brett] is sort of an escape for her from her whole background and where she grew up, and obviously from the mob," Gilford tells "But he's not totally different. He's not a pushover. He challenges her ... and I think he finds her strength and rebelliousness kind of attractive and appealing."

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According to Gilford, however, Grace won't be able to keep her off-the-books work a secret from Brett for much longer — and her extracurricular activities are something he'll likely find less appealing. "As surgeons ... you can never count on any time together," Gilford said on a conference call last week, about his onscreen relationship. "I think that plays into why she's able to kind of lead this double life. If she's always running off getting a page or a phone call that she has to be somewhere else, no one really thinks twice about it, because it's kind of what happens with surgeons. Eventually down the line, it just starts getting a little shadier and ... I start being very skeptical."

But Brett's suspicions about Grace's whereabouts won't be the only sign of trouble for the couple down the road because she isn't the only one keeping secrets, according to Gilford. Last week, Brett met Grace's mother but dodged questions about his own family. And in an upcoming episode, Grace discovers — spoiler alert! — that Brett's father is a U.S. attorney, which adds a whole new level of difficulty to her double life.

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And let's not forget, Grace's continued involvement with the mafia also means her continued involvement with her ex, Franco (James Carpinello), with whom she clearly has some lingering chemistry. Could there be a Mob Doctor love triangle in the works? "[Grace] is definitely kind of torn," Gilford says. "She's forced to be involved with Franco because of everything she's in on. And it seems like even though he's kind of a bad guy, he's also kind of there for her and has her back at times. But you know, I'm her boyfriend."

So, will Grace's mob ties mean the end of her relationship with Brett, not to mention her job? After all, he is her superior at the hospital where they both work. That remains to be seen, but viewers have already noticed that she has the power of persuasion over him — convincing him in the pilot episode to break the rules in the best interest of a young female patient.

"As the show goes on, you kind of see [Brett] do that more on his own, where ... he doesn't really think protocol's what's best for the patient, so he kind of does his own thing," Gilford says. "These two people are very similar even though they're from very different backgrounds and their secrets are obviously very different. But at their core, they're both people who believe in kind of doing what's right, even though it might not be what the rules say is right."

The Mob Doctor airs Monday at 9/8c on Fox.