Prankstars Prankstars

The Disney Channel is taking a stab at reality television with PrankStars.

"People think we're pranking stars — no," host Mitchell Musso tells "We find the stars, we look for their biggest fans and find a way to interact the star with their fans [who are the ones getting pranked]. We capture that moment."

Friday's premiere features three pranks with the help of Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan. In the first segment — watch a clip below — Gomez disguises herself as a typical teen tasked with learning a jingle for a commercial audition. She's paired with Mary, her unsuspecting 14-year-old super fan.

Ryan plays herself in the second prank and asks her fan Albany to take over for her as a model in an upcoming fashion show.

Musso gets in on the action himself when he shows up to a restaurant for an interview he's supposed to do with his real-life best friend. The friend, of course, is a no-show so Musso asks the unsuspecting patron (and big fan) Luke to step in and pretend the two are buddies.


PrankStars premieres Friday at 8/7c on Disney Channel.