Pair of Kings Pair of Kings

It's hard enough being a teenager. For Pair of Kings' twin brothers Brady and Boomer, the fate of an island also rests in their hands.

"It's this magical island where everything's possible," Mitchel Musso, who plays Brady, tells

Disney's Pair of Kings takes viewers on a magic ride

Brady and Boomer (Doc Shaw) are average teens living in Chicago when they're swept away to the island of Kinkow upon learning that they're heirs to the throne.

In this video, Musso tells viewers why they should tune in. Hint: It includes pirates, mummies and mermaids.

Mitchel Musso on the set of Disney XD's new series PAIR OF KINGS

Mitchel Musso talks about working with fellow cast memeber, Doc Shaw and what wild creatures they'll encounter on Pair of Kings.|Pair Of Kings|Mitchel Musso|

Pair of Kings airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Disney XD.