Mistresses Mistresses

As we all know by now, Alyssa Milano left the cast of Mistresses before production began on Season 3. How exactly will the show explain her character Savi's absence?

"Alyssa Milano may not be part of our premiere, but the character of Savi is very much a part of the premiere," executive producer Rina Mimoun tells us. "The ripple effects of her actions [are] what the first two hours are really about and how it affects all of our women, mostly Joss [Jes Macallan], but also Karen [Yunjin Kim]. It's kind of the point of the first two hours. So for everyone who was worried we would run away from the Savi of it all, we're definitely not. She's part of our show and part of our fabric."

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So does this mean that she could return? "The door is always open!" says executive producer K.J. Steinberg.

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