Stephen King is all the rage on TV once again.

Spike has released the trailer for The Mist, the latest adaptation of one of King's more notable stories. The show, which debuts on Spike on June 22, follows the story of a small town in Maine that is suddenly and horrifyingly overtaken by — you guessed it — a whole bunch of mist. As this trailer illustrates, the mysterious mist causes residents to hide inside, cower in fear and generally lose their minds. And yet, it sure looks like a lot of people go out in that mist!

This adaptation is the second major take on King's story, following the 2007 film directed by Frank Darabont and starring Thomas Jane. While there's no clear indication of how Spike and creator Christian Torpe will extend the story for an ongoing series, the trailer suggests the show is likely to be bloodier and more violent than its film counterpart.

The Mist is part of a mini renaissance of King projects in television. Under the Dome ended on CBS in 2015 after a three year run, the Audience Network is bringing Mr. Mercedes to its airwaves this fall and Hulu produced 11.22.63 and has Castle Rock in the works.

The Mist premieres June 22 on Spike.