I miss Winnie Cooper, too, but not during this show. I'm tired of all The Wonder Years references. Where did they even live? was there crack? And did Fred Savage have that mole then? Who cares, they had it made. It's nice to have a Thursday-night show to look forward to, like when we had The Cosby Show, but where's Robin Givens? And show me a brother wearing a Cosby sweater today, I'll totally outblack him while delivering a child and showing him clips of the best family comedy since his.

Everybody's second episode settled us in a bit, with a family we kinda liked already. We know the parents are tough, but now we like them even more. Chris shines in his oldest-child role, forced to be something, and thankfully for us, he chose the funny. If anyone interviews him, ask if he made up "ghetto snob" then or now. The family is more of a character, too, and thank god we've lost our infatuation with dysfunction, because it's nice to laugh with them sometimes. The boys talk in bed, hang cool posters, eat with the family, steal girlfriends the usual. The lack of drama though, says "unconditional" to me. I hope I can use "unconditionally funny" one day. Chris, you make us laugh. I'm pondering a laugh matrix, if you will, that deals very scientifically with the whole "laughing at" vs. "laughing with" phenomenon. May I cite you? I thank you, and your predecessors, Richard and Eddie. Tension is broken with comedy, but comedy is hard.