Miss J. is making this show lately. From her Esther Williams flipper ensemble to her Fashion Police Witch to her sweet little schoolgirl cornrows, she's a burst of fresh air among all these young things who take themselves so damn seriously and forget that fashion is fun. Thank god

Cassandra took her last remaining inches of hair so seriously; we can be done with her, and she can go home to put in hair extensions and become Miss USA her words, not mine. Fashion is also about transforming yourself constantly, Cassie; otherwise, we might as well wear uniforms. Meanwhile, Miss J. astutely notes that "Sarah is one big huge ball of confusion," and in more ways than one. After two makeout sessions with Kim, a quarter of the way through the show we finally find out that she has a boyfriend back home. And Kim laments that she knows straight girls "like the back of my hand." Love that Bre thinks Kim should stick to getting girls instead of trying this modeling thing, like being a lesbian is a talent or a career or something. It's no wonder Kim can't get her walk right, though. How exactly is she supposed to do act masculine in 5-inch heels? Of course, it's way more fun to pick apart the flailing wannabes than the ones actually doing well in the competition (and the show's editors obviously agree), but let's look at the others for a sec. Nik is pretty flawless without being dull, and Bre with her Dorothy Dandridge-meets-Lil' Kim spark is close behind her, as long as she learns how to pose her face. Nicole looks the most like someone who fell out of the pages of Vogue to me. Jayla is finally starting to make an impression (and her haircut is making me want to chop mine off right now) she needs to have some sort of crisis about being an ex-Mormon so she can get some screen time. And Coryn's freaky look is starting to grow on me. I hope she hurts obnoxious Lisa next week! Until then, so long, Sarah. Have fun explaining Kim to your boyfriend!