Julia Allison, Emily Morse, Amy Laurent Julia Allison, Emily Morse, Amy Laurent

From narrowly avoiding awkward threesomes to reenacting prom and even being dumped at a diner, the women of Miss Advised have shown all the ups and downs (mostly downs) of dating. 

Emily Morse, the host of a sex talk show, Julia Allison, a relationship columnist, and Amy Laurent, a matchmaker, may all be successful in their respective careers, but dating? Not so much. As the Bravo series comes to a close, the trio reflects on what they've learned and share their most cringe-worthy moments of the season.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned from filming the show and watching it air?
Emily: I realized I don't always trust my gut about people. I knew some of those dates weren't right, but I'd go because I'd tell myself to say yes, which I do believe is important, but after I'd think, "Why did I go out with him?" I think we all have the answers about who's right for us and who's not when you first meet them.

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Julia: The one I think most women can also learn from is that the skillset I have learned to utilize in my career — which is aggressive, masculine, focused, directed --that is not the energy you want to bring on a date. I was interrogating these guys and I always thought that was very charming and it was not charming to watch! There was no romantic energy. I'm starting to believe the things that make you good in a career make you bad in a relationship.

Amy: It's clear I was avoiding rejection and my own dating insecurities by hiding behind my work and seeing my clients go on dates and be happy. My biggest fear was getting hurt and I had to admit that to myself. I was avoiding the fact that if I wanted true love for myself. I had to deal with how I was going to feel secure about the possibility of being rejected or not good enough.

Were you really ready to find love?
Emily: It's hard because you see my friends and family say, "Why aren't you married?" But I wanted to be independent and I don't like being in a relationship. I realized that's OK to not be with one person and to decide what's OK for me rather than what society says.

Julia: I was completely delusional. I thought the problem was I couldn't find the right guy but ... I had created an idea of what marriage should be based on my parents involving the suburbs, monogamy and daily routines I'm not interested in. I was setting up a situation where I'd fail. By the end of the show, I realized I can make my own rules and I don't have to have the relationship my parents had. I'm starting to believe people who have chronic problems need to have a camera crew follow them. It was massively effective.

What was the most cringe-worthy moment to watch?
Turn-on Tourette's guy! He had really bad breath.

Julia: Shaking the guy, saying, "Why don't you kiss me?!" (Watch another one of Julia's "Kiss me" moments below.) 

Amy: With [my ex] AB. I felt I was watching a girl who was very insecure and weak, and it was sad.

What's the one thing you think viewers didn't get to see from you?
Emily: On the show, it seems like a lot of people just come on the show and ask me for threesomes, but my show, which I care so much about, is really educational. I give a lot of advice. I'm getting my doctorate. I look like the extreme of San Francisco, but I also take sex education really seriously.

Julia: My business side. I do a lot of public speaking and I started my own business and am considered an expert in personal branding, and you don't see that. I don't come close to wearing a suit jacket literally or metaphorically.

Amy: I'm actually a fun girl to go out with. I'm very serious on the show and people don't realize I can loosen up and have a lot of fun.

The finale of Miss Advised airs Monday at 10/9c on Bravo.