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Dave Mirra survived a 1993 crossing-the-street-collision with a drunk driver — which left him with a fractured skull and dislocated shoulder — but that's not why they call him "Miracle Boy." No, the 31-year-old BMX badass earned it by successfully performing tricks previously thought impossible. Mirra’s 18 medals at the X Games (the 11th edition begins Aug. 4 on ESPN) along with his touring (like his current Dew Action Sports Tour) have made him a millionaire many times over and, most importantly, got him booked as a regular host on MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno. Ohmigawd, he’ll totally be able to tell us what’s up with Veronica’s bad attitude!

TVGuide.com: Regarding your Daddy Warbucks ’do, is there a fear of combs here, or is this a preemptive strike against male pattern baldness?
Dave Mirra: You know, I just think it’s easy. But I wasn’t balding at all. It’ll grow out, you'll see.

TVGuide.com: How do X-Gamers unwind after a long day of thrashing?
Mirra: Go out, drink some wine, keep it mellow. I’m a cabernet guy.

TVGuide.com: Considering your past, are you hypersensitive about anyone having a drink before they drive?
Mirra: I would tell anybody to not get behind the wheel when they’ve been drinking. It’s not smart. But I’m not hypersensitive about it.

TVGuide.com: Do bikers not like to practice in front of each other for fear they’ll show their hand?
Mirra: I’m not much like that, but there are definitely guys who are. They keep it all private, and then "wow" people when they [perform].

TVGuide.com: What’s the most pain you’ve ever felt?
Mirra: I was trying some triple tailwhips and I got pretty banged up all the way around. No broken bones, though.

TVGuide.com: [Pretending to know what "triple tailwhips" are] Sounds messed up. So what didn’t viewers see about your very special episode of Punk’d?
I pretty much knew what was going on, if you couldn’t tell by watching, so I had fun with ’em. They didn’t really air [those parts].

TVGuide.com: Where does most of your money come from these days? Endorsements? Video games?
Mirra: There’s great prize money, but it definitely doesn’t lead up to what the endorsements [provide].

TVGuide.com: What is ole Dave's corporate worth these days, anyway?
Mirra: To be honest, it’s not something I even like to talk about.

TVGuide.com: Er, me neither. Which of The Inferno cast members hit on you? Please say Dan.
Mirra: Well, [my fiancée] was there and I think [the teams] respected the rules. You don’t hang out with the cast, and the cast doesn’t hang out with the host. It’s a competition, and there could be complications in terms of giving away secrets.

TVGuide.com: In your mind, who was the most mentally unstable?
Mirra: Katie [Doyle of Road Rules 10] was a little weird. But the season she was on was just funny. She was always smoking and drinking, and they’re always choosing her for the Inferno. I just sat back and watched.

TVGuide.com: Was CT as much of a jerk as he appeared to be this season?
Mirra: Um, he just plays a good character. They all know what they’re doing.

TVGuide.com: How did your fiancée react when People named you one of their 50 hottest bachelors?
Mirra: I guess she feels lucky, right? She laughed about it.

TVGuide.com: What’s the typical X-Gamer’s chemical of choice? I’m guessing more pot than steroids?
Mirra: I don’t think there’s too many guys on dope out there, or anything. I can’t really say. I’m sure there’s a little bit of everything somewhere. But I don’t think [our] trainers are linked to that kind of stuff.

TVGuide.com: Who gets more women: surfers, skaters or bikers?
Mirra: Probably surfers, man. They always get the women.

TVGuide.com: What are you more proud of: being the first biker to perform a backward-double-flip, or being a Trivial Pursuit answer?
Mirra: I think the Trivial Pursuit thing is awesome. Something I wouldn’t expect.

Mirra also will be competing in the next stop of the Dew Action Sports Tour, airing August 20 at 2:30 pm/ET, on NBC