Crime procedurals are all the rage on the small screen these days, but will viewers tune in for a futuristic crime procedural? Steven Spielberg is betting yes.

The Oscar-winning director is developing a TV series adaptation of his hit 2002 film Minority Report, reports.

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Based on the short story of the same name by writer Philip K. Dick, Minority Report took place in 2054 and focused on a program called "PreCrime," in which police used three psychics to identify and apprehend murderers before a crime is committed. In the film, the main character is the head of the program and must go on the run when he is accused of a murder himself. The film, which starred Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell, grossed $358 million worldwide

Spielberg has hired Godzilla scribe Max Borenstein to write the project, and Spielberg's Amblin TV would produce. In recent years, Spielberg has taken on more TV projects through his production company, including Falling Skies, Extant and the upcoming Red Band Society. According to the site, Spielberg is expected to be heavily involved in Minority Report's small-screen adaptation.

Would you watch a Minority Report TV series?

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