Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling

Danny (Chris Messina) went in for a kiss again on last week's Mindy Project, but our favorite doctor was having none of it. Mindy (Mindy Kaling) shut Danny down — hard — for only wanting her when he couldn't have her. And good for her! Danny was acting like a royal jerk. But thankfully, he'll try and make up for it in Tuesday's Season 2 finale (9:30/8:30c, Fox) when he sets out to win Mindy back.

In homage to You've Got Mail, Danny places a missed connection ad for Mindy in a newspaper (because do you really think Danny's heard of Craigslist?) and begins courting our modern day Shopgirl under the guise of being someone else.

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"He's for sure going outside his comfort zone, but it's a bit of a desperate act," executive producer and the finale's director Michael Spiller tells "It's a last ditch effort on his part so he really kind of empathetically puts himself in her head and thinks about what her ideal guy be, what sort of things would he say. He actually does a pretty good job of getting her on the hook."

But while Danny might be ready to go all-in with Mindy, she's finally convinced herself they're better off as friends. "I don't think she's ready to blindly rush in and be so vulnerable again only to set herself up for heartbreak. But I'm sure there's a small part of her that wishes it would work out," Spiller says.

Now that Mindy's finally stopped letting Danny set the terms, it's not shocking to learn that his attempt to catfish her as a romantic gesture doesn't exactly work out as planned. But if it were up to Messina, Danny and Mindy would get their happy ending.

"I think she brings out the best in him where he can be his grumpy self and he's a bit of an old man, but she pulls him out of that at times, helps him get a little looser. And I think he probably needs that and likes it," Messina says. "And maybe she needs sometimes to be grounded, still and quiet. So those two things compliment each other."

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Messina isn't the only one rooting for Danny and Mindy. After discovering the pair's romantic past, the entirety of Shulman & Associates find it their obligation to weigh in on Danny and Mindy's (potential) future. "There's a lot of support from them and love from them," Messina adds. "The finale's really a great episode of television. Mindy wrote it and she did an amazing job. It's a real classic romantic comedy kind of set up. I think it's got a great payoff."

Boy, does it! In an added layer of Nora Ephron, the final scene of the season takes place at the Empire State Building (a la Sleepless in Seattle) where two of the show's central characters will be. But whether it's the two fans are hoping for remains to be seen.

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The Mindy Project finale airs Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c on Fox. Catch up on previous episodes here.