Mindy Cohn Mindy Cohn

When Mindy Cohn was learning the Facts of Life, she must've skipped Wardrobe 101. For the season premiere of makeover series What Not to Wear (Friday, 9/8c, TLC), the '80s TV star — now 44 and looking to revive her acting career — turns herself (and the seriously frumpy contents of her closet) over to fashion experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

"Facts of Life was appointment television for me, so I was superexcited to meet Natalie — I mean, Mindy," Kelly tells TV Guide Magazine. "She's kind of outrageous, very friendly, funny and ultrahigh-energy — I mean, she flashed us her thong within 15 minutes of meeting her. I was so glad to help her fine-tune her style from shapeless tents to chic and sleek."

Not that the spunky star was a fan of all the constructive criticism. "It was definitely not an easy makeover," says Kelly. "We spent an entire week trying to talk her out of tents. It was kind of exhausting."

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