Make room for Daddy! Now that the WB has decided to give Gilmore Girls hottie Milo Ventimiglia his own spinoff, the search is on for a mature looker to play the estranged father of his character, rebellious teen toughie Jess. While the network's taste in baby-faced heartthrobs is unimpeachable — the frog channel has introduced us to a host of prime-time princes, from James Van Der Beek and Scott Speedman to Jason Behr and Chad Michael Murray — when it comes to fathers, we think we know best. Check out our submissions for the pivotal part and see if you don't agree.

Anthony LaPaglia: At a glance, the chameleonlike actor has an obvious advantage over the rest of Jess's potential pops — like Junior, he possesses the dark features of a natural born brooder. Unfortunately, the success of his crime drama Without A Trace is sure to leave him... without a chance.

Alex McArthur: A rising star in the late '80s, the dreamy Desperado gunslinger deserves a second shot at the big time. More importantly, since he played Madonna's parenting partner in a classic clip from MTV's golden age, this wannabe papa would know better than to preach, especially to a smartass like Jess.

Rob Morrow: As he once played doctor in wacky Cicely, Alaska, the goings-on in whimsical Stars Hollow wouldn't stand a snowball's chance of fazing this old pro. Besides, with his Showtime series Street Time at a standstill, a plum part like that of Jess's embattled paterfamilias would afford him some much-needed exposure — northern or otherwise.

Greg Evigan: Last time we saw the Reagan-era sex symbol, he was still generating heat, though his series, Aaron Spelling's Pacific Palisades, got only a lukewarm response. Maybe a wittier show, say, one bearing the stamp of Amy Sherman-Palladino, would make him look as good as trucking cross-country with a monkey once did.

Matthew Fox: Still haunted by the memory of the sensitive hottie's last hit show, Party of Five? Us, too. Perhaps the WB could lure back the man's man to the wuss-friendly fractured-family genre with the promise that proposed ward Jess will remain likelier to break out the nunchucks than turn on the waterworks &#224 la Party poopers Bai and Claud.

Ben Browder: If we were the Farscape funnyman's agents, we'd say three words — no more, no less — to the WB: Come to Papa! No thesp on this — or, we dare say, any — list could more skillfully handle the nuanced characterizations and mind-blowing wordplay that makes Gilmore Girls golden. So, please, give us a sign that there's intelligent life on planet Hollywood, and beam Browder up already!
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