Millionaire Matchmaker Millionaire Matchmaker

Start spreading the news. Patti Stanger is storming New York for her fourth season of Millionaire Matchmaker (Tuesday, 9/8c, Bravo), but from what Los Angeles' most caustic Cupid tells us, she doesn't exactly have it made in Manhattan when it comes to her East Coast clients. Here, she lets loose on the core issues plaguing the Big Apple's moneyed singletons.

Geography drama
"The women are snobby!" marvels a still-shocked Stanger. "They are city snobs. They won't go to the suburbs or Long Island or upstate. They have to date the Manhattan gentleman... I was like, oh, my God, I never dated geography." That said, she does head to New Jersey in Episode 2 to help the sons of Real Housewives mama Caroline Manzo. "That was real fun."

Numbers game
Simple but sad math made Stanger's job even tougher after more millionairesses than ever — including one she refers to as "the ultimate Jewish American princess" — enlisted her assistance. "The season is dedicated to the women," she says. "And isn't that [fitting], since there are five women to one guy in Manhattan?"

Debatable dating pool
Stocking her meet-and-greet mixers with a stable of sexies was "a rough ride," confesses Stanger. "The ugliest girls in the world showed up! And then we had the bada-bing Italian experience, you know? The Staten Island boy makes big... that was very funny, very Tony Soprano."

The natives are restless... and rude
"There's a bitterness," observes Stanger. "I call it bitta-bitta-bitta. Both of my gays this season were bitter. They were not attractive, thought they were hot crap... [they were] loaded and bitter! It was disgusting. I deserve a GLAAD award after this one!"

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