Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker

Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker returns for its second season on Thursday, and it's no coincidence it debuts two days before Valentine's Day. But if you're rolling solo on Cupid's big day, the love guru herself, Patti Stanger, has a few tips for hooking a mate that night. 

First off, don't discount the V-Day single parties. "A lot of ladies think it's for the dateless and the desperate, but I used to go to these things and met guys there," says Stanger. "So don't rule them out."

And for all you ladies who are single and lookin' to mingle come Saturday night, Patti knows just the spot — steak houses. "It's where the rich guys go," says the Matchmaker. "A guy who is going to be there on Valentine's is going to be that guy who doesn't have a girlfriend — unless she's in the Army in Iraq."

Millionaire Matchmaker follows Stanger as she sets up deep-pocketed clientele through her upscale matchmaking service. The new season of Matchmaker, which boasts the addition of a millionairess and gay millionaire, premieres at 10 pm/ET.