Million Dollar Money Drop Million Dollar Money Drop

A couple who competed on Million Dollar Money Drop earlier this week will be invited back to the Fox game show after it was discovered one of their answers was wrongly deemed incorrect, E! Online reports.

Contestants Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayi, who appeared on the Dec. 20 episode, were asked to pick whether the Macintosh computer, the Sony Walkman or Post-It Notes were sold in stores first. The couple bet $800,000 on the Post-It Notes, but lost the money when the correct answer was revealed to be the Walkman.

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The following day, web sites including Gawker pointed out that in fact Post-It Notes were test-marketed in stores two years before the Walkman, making the couple's answer technically correct. The show originally stood by its answer, saying that Post-It Notes were given out as free samples in 1977 but not sold in stores until 1980.

However, producers realized Thursday that their research had been incomplete and extended an invitation for Okoye and Mayi to play again.

"Unfortunately, the information our research department originally obtained from 3M regarding when Post-it notes were first sold was incomplete," executive producer Jeff Apploff told the news site in a statement. "As a result of new information we have received from 3M, we feel it is only fair to give our contestants, Gabe and Brittany, another shot to play Million Dollar Money Drop even though this question was not the deciding question in their game."

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