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Now that the hot-property peep show Million Dollar Listing New York is closing on its first season tonight (Bravo 10/9c,) we had to ask broker Michael Lorber, easily the show's cheekiest resident, for the real deal about his fellow sharks, his fashion sense... and what footage failed to make the cut.

TV Guide Magazine: OK, filming is officially over, so can you spill some juicy details of things we didn't see?
Michael Lorber:
I think a lot of fun footage got left on the cutting room floor. Viewers did miss me on a romantic date, touring around the city on a double-decker bus, drinking champagne and eating ice cream. A lot of my stand-up comedy got cut as well... It was hysterical!

TV Guide Magazine: Was there anything that happened on screen that made you wince?
I think the date I had on the second episode was tough for viewers to watch.  It should be noted that it was not supposed to be a date, but just catching up with an old friend.

TV Guide Magazine: Has being on the show helped or hurt your career so far?
Absolutely helped! I spend hours each day just returning calls and emails that are a direct result of the show. I usually work alone, so it's hard for me to take on every client that makes an inquiry. 

TV Guide Magazine: So much was made of your fashion sense... Where did you develop such style?!
I have always had a thing for clothes. Three-piece suits, French cuffs, suspenders, English shoes, pocket squares and great timepieces. I guess my style really came from watching movies in the '70s and '80s like Trading Places, Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, and The Paper Chase... which was also one of the reasons I went to law school!

TV Guide Magazine: Which of your co-sharks would you work with again? Ryan or Fredrik?
I've never had the opportunity to work with Ryan, but would be happy to work with him. I don't think I would like to work with Fredrik ever again. Unless of course, I was hiring a new Swedish chef. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: What did you dad think of the show?
My dad really got a kick out of it. But he's not a regular viewer of reality television and found a lot of it to be quite frankly boring! [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Did you ever get to see any of Fredrik's "movies"?
Unfortunately, I have never seen any of his "movies," but I heard his performance in The Hole came up a little short... especially for such a tall guy! [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Are open houses really that over-the-top in this business?
Brokers and clients go to so many open houses, a lot of brokers do try to make theirs memorable. Granted, if the cameras were not there, I'm sure I would have brought it down a notch. As a kid I loved going to open houses and I still do. It's cheaper and more fun than going to a movie on a Sunday afternoon.

TV Guide Magazine: Was being on a reality show everything you thought it would be?
It was much more. I never thought people would stop me in the street to shake my hand or take pictures of me when I'm out to dinner with my friends. It was a very exciting journey that very few get to experience.

TV Guide Magazine: What would you like to do next?
I'm not changing anything I do. I'm the same nerdy guy you saw the past nine Wednesday nights. I'll continue to work hard for my clients, bring a high level of professionalism and ethics to the table, and treat people with the respect they deserve. I would love some time off to work on my philanthropic endeavors, but that's a discussion I have to have with my boss! [Laughs]

What did you think of M$LNY? For more Lorber, he'll also be on Watch What Happens Live after the finale tonight at 11/10c.

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