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If there's one thing the men of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles know how to do, other than sell homes, it's argue.

As the fifth season of the Bravo reality series comes to a close, stars Madison Hildebrand, Josh Altman and Josh Flagg update us on their ongoing feuds with each other, share who their favorite clients were and which — if any — of the Million Dollar Listing: New York guys they'd work with. Plus: Is Josh Altman's recently released rap video for real? He explains.

Josh, please tell me your rap video is for laughs.
Josh Altman:
The entire premise of it is a spoof and making fun of how serious I am on the show and at the same time it's a great way to raise money for the charity, the Wounded Warrior Project. The last time I wanted to be a rapper was probably when I was 13 at my bar mitzvah listening to Beastie Boys, but I have to tell you I'm surprised at how many people think I was serious.

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Watching the season back, is there anything you think viewers didn't get to see from you?
Josh Flagg:
I'm much nicer in real life. I feel like I come off aloof on the show.

Altman: Everyone thinks I'm 24-7 non-stop ruthless businessman. There are a lot of haters — especially when it shows your commission made after every episode — saying, "You should give money to charity" [but] these people have no idea that I'm very generous.

The most talked about moment of the season was the fight between Josh, Madison and Heather, yet in the finale Heather shows up to Madison's dog memorial. Josh, did that bother you?
A lot of people say, "Why are you involved in this battle?" but [because Heather is] my girlfriend of two years, it was my business. I'm very protective of her. For her to go do that it's great, it's her decision, and he and I don't like each other, but it's not a big deal. She's a very sweet person. I'm not surprised she did that.

Madison, how did you feel about her being there?
Madison Hildebrand:
I'm at least grateful we did at least clear the air, but if I saw her in the grocery store I'm not going to change aisles. But she and I will never be the same. I have no interest in being friends with [Josh}, I mean why? I have no respect for the way he does business or the way he treats other people. He would not be in my life if I wasn't doing this show.

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Who was your favorite client this season?
I like Perry. He's much funnier in real life.

Altman: My favorite client ended being Gary, the producer in the Hollywood Hills. We've become pretty good friends, and he's hysterical.

Hildebrand: Camilo is one of my favorite clients. I don't know how he comes across on TV, but I do enjoy him.

What was the most cringe-worthy moment of the season?
Watching my bar mitzvah video.

Altman: The most popular part of the season was the fight scene and that's probably it. I don't really have regrets about it though. Also, people don't always get the full story, but it is what it is.

Hildebrand: There were a multitude, but I think feeling embarrassed for Altman when he peeled off the curb in the [fight] episode. This season, I pretty much lost it, I cried on camera, had my family involved. You get what you see at this point.

Of the Million Dollar Listing: New York guys, who would you work with?
Flagg: Michael Lorber.

Hildebrand: I would refer to somebody else.

Altman: Fredrik. I love him and I love his aggressive style — it mirrors mine. He and I just sold a $10 million brownstone together in New York.

Who's your favorite in the Real Housewives franchise?
Sonja Morgan.

Altman: Kyle Richards. I'm tight with her husband Mauricio.

Hildebrand: Woohoo! (Vicki Gunvalson.)

Watch Josh's music video:

The Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles finale airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.