Squeaky-clean teen phenom Miley Cyrus may have just sullied her innocent image thanks to pictures of her in bikinis and underwear - the most racy of which, it should be noted, is of her in briefs, pulling up her tank top - leaked on the Web. While Cyrus has yet to confirm whether the photos are, in fact, hers, the pics are spreading, especially in the post- Vanessa Hudgens era.

If the photos are of Cyrus, would they change the public's - and especially young fans' - view of her? Are episodes like this one and the Hudgens controversy a rare scenario reserved only for stars with private lives suddenly exposed, or are they simply examples of what every teenage girl puts on her MySpace page (except without the world watching)? And if they were boys (think Zac Efron in surf trunks), would the public reaction be similar? Let us know what you think. - Anna Dimond